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Developers are the great leaders of the online world, and most great developers innovate not for the money or fame, but because they are passionate and proud of their craft.


Meet some of BMC's Developer Program Innovators, many of whom are also BMC partners. Learn how they started working with enterprise software, what they do outside of work, and the valuable words of wisdom they share with new graduates going into the tech industry.


You can become a part of our innovator community by submitting your profile. Login to the site; then click Connect > Add Innovator Survey from the main menu.


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Happy August, Partners! Here are a couple of new resources for you to share with customers and prospects, along with details for each one.


10 Minute Tech Talk Video: Workload Automation and Robotic Process Automation Work Together to Deliver Better Business Services


This video is a great information tool on WLA and RPA and how they work together. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has gotten a lot of hype in recent years. While most would agree the hype is well deserved, there are areas where RPA alone isn’t enough.


In this 10-minute talk, you'll hear:

• How a modern WLA solution can help with service delivery

• How combining forces between WLA and RPA can elevate business service performance





Forrester Thought Leadership Paper: Face The Workflow Automation Gap Head On

FTLP.JPGHelp your customers identify automation capabilities that are critical to the success of their internal and external operations, including their ability to respond to business and market changes, improve the experience of their customers, and realize efficiencies.


Key findings of the report:

  • For many organizations, application workflows miss the mark
  • Automation success depends on the right people, processes, and technology
  • The technology to support workflow automation at scale exists


Highlights of the report:

  • Prevent service failures while accelerating time to market
  • Improve cross-team visibility and collaboration
  • Scale workflow automation more easily across the enterprise


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Improve the speed and quality of digital service delivery with workflow automation - BMC Software

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