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magic_tablet.jpgBMC invites customers and partners to get a sneak peek at what BMC is working on in terms of User Experience enhancements for our BMC Helix ITSM / Remedy ITSM solution. As part of the ITSM UX beta program you’ll have an opportunity to engage directly with BMC product management and R&D to help validate and provide feedback on the new user experience capabilities BMC Helix ITSM / Remedy ITSM.


Phase 2 of this beta program starts on July 7, 2020. We continue to focus on the new UI technology used in select areas of the Smart IT UI, but also give participants a chance to test the exciting new functional capabilities of Smart IT and the mid-tier UI that are planned to be added in next release.


What's needed from you?

  • Attendance in beta calls.
  • Time and resources to test the new release.
  • Willingness to collaborate with BMC and other customers in our beta community space and to provide open feedback.
  • Be a willing Customer Connect Reference upon successfully completing the program.


How to Sign Up

  1. Make sure you have a BMC Account:

    1. Don't have one yet? Click here to register. (If you're already a Communities member: good, you're covered and can skip this step.)

    2. Log into (to activate your account for Communities).

    3. Log into (to activate your account for documentation).

  2. Have an active BMC Support ID in your profile:

    1. Login to BMC Support.

    2. Edit Profile ==> Click on "BMC Support Access" section.

    3. Enter "Support Contract ID" or Follow the link to "manage your support subscription."

        • Click here for customer help with locating Support Contract ID.

        • Click here for partner help with locating Support Contract ID.

  3. Have an individual company email address registered in your profile (e.g., and not
  4. Complete our new Pre-Release Agreement:
    BMC Software Prerelease Agreement applies to both hosted (environment provided by BMC) and on-premise (your own test environment).
  5. Click here to request to join our private Communities group.
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SOAP guide.jpgHave you heard the term SOAPs lately? The acronym stands for Service Orchestration and Automation Platforms, they represent the emergence of an enterprise orchestration engine that spans diverse applications and infrastructures. In this guide, Gartner explains what I&O leaders must use to drive customer-focused agility.


Report Topics

  • Why using SOAPs is necessary to drive customer-focused agility

  • Market recommendations for getting better business value from IT automation

  • Key differences between SOAPs and RPA tools


Key Findings

  • Traditional workload automation strategies are unable to meet the needs of heterogeneous IT environments that include cloud-native infrastructure and big data workloads.
  • Digital business requires multiple teams, both within and outside of IT, to take advantage of real-time, event-driven orchestration of business services.
  • Improved efficiency remains the key driver for investments in I&O automation.


Get the full report: Explore the Gartner Market Guide for Service Orchestration and Automation Platforms (SOAPs) - BMC Software

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