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BMC has developed coronavirus resources on BMC Communities and the BMC website.



COVID-19 Response Resources Community

This new community provides links and access to resources and guides on how to leverage BMC technology through the shifts in business requirements. It offers product info, access to resources and education, and an opportunity to connect on BMC Communities.


COVID-19 Response Web Page

This new web page brings together various assets, comments, and guidance to support our customers and partners as they navigate the new normal and the new associated business requirements. This page will provide regular updates on what BMC is doing and how we can help.


These pages are key resources for customers and partners seeking information on BMC offerings that help with business challenges during this time.

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Shared Services Canada (SSC) has selected BMC's Remedy IT Service Management (ITSM) solution to accelerate the Government of Canada's adoption of standardized enterprise ITSM processes. With BMC, SSC will gain an automated self-serve portal showcasing its modernized online product and service catalog and real-time order tracking for the Government of Canada's departments and agencies and more than 300,000 users.


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Several new Control-M resources were released in the past few weeks. We would like to highlight them for you here to make sure you are up to date on what you have available to you as a resource.


Video Series

Brandi and Matt.JPG

Check out our new video series on YouTube called Control-M Crowdsource Corner, aka "Triple C," which answers common Control-M questions. The videos are a fun way to share information about Control-M, and they are only two to three minutes in length.


Control-M Crowdsource Corner Season 1


Customer Stories

We have two new customer stories to share. Sky Italia and Up Si Vale! Sky Italia is a customer-centric business that wanted to make a unique customer experience for some of its most popular shows, such as X Factor, 4 Restaurants, and Uomo Partita (Man of the Match). Mexico-based Up Sí Vale is a financial services provider that is an issuer of pre-paid payment cards and electronic wallets and serves more than 185,000 customers. Before they had an automation solution, 85 of their processes were being executed manually by a team that worked on it 24/7/365. Read more of their stories below, and share them with customers.



CTM and Kubernetes Technote.JPG

Tech Notes

And lastly, we have new guides called "Tech Notes" which give you a technical how-to on a particular subject. The MongoDB tech note explains how to embed MongoDB queries and operations into business workflows and the Kubernetes tech note describes to orchestrate workflows running in a Kubernetes environment to people who have a general knowledge of Control-M and Kubernetes. These are great to share with customers who may be using these technologies already.






There you have it, a great variety of new Control-M content for you to have as a resource and to share with customers. We'd love your feedback—leave a comment below and let us know what you think.

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