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Loreal Hunter

New Control-M E-Book!

Posted by Loreal Hunter Employee Jan 13, 2020
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ebook 1.jpgLooking for a resource that can give you an excellent overview of what Control-M is and what it can do for your customers? Download the new Control-M e-book, "Driving Business Modernization with Workflow Orchestration." This resource goes into how Control-M helps organizations accelerate applications with DevOps processes, gain business critical insights from the newest and most demanding data technologies, and deliver complete freedom to choose any infrastructure to meet their business flexibility demands.


The e-book covers how Control-M can help your customers businesses with:


  • Orchestrating end-to-end workflow execution from the mainframe to the cloud, across diverse infrastructure that includes multiple on-premises, public and private cloud resources.
  • Embedding workflow orchestration in the DevOps toolchain so that developers can build automated execution right into their jobs, and complete workflows can be developed, tested, promoted and managed like any other piece of code.
  • Simplifying and scale data pipelines so data can be easily ingested, processed and output to multiple platforms, including Hadoop, Spark, EMR, Snowflake, Redshift and others.


Also included in the e-book are insightful quotes from, April Johnson, Senior Engineer and Project Manager at Seattle Public Schools, Larry E. Hicks, Manager Data Center Services IT Infrastructure at Eaton and a couple of others to give you a full picture of what Control-M can help accomplish.


Download the e-book now


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