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BMC Helix 19.08 includes new functionality that continues to drive a superior experience for the enterprise across end users, agents, IT Operations and developers. Here’s a summary of the new capabilities rolled out in 19.08.


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BMC Helix Discovery

The 19.08 release of Technology Knowledge Updates (TKU) focuses on the resurgence of cloud discovery. Recent TKUs include 15 additional AWS services and five Azure resources.


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The 19.08 release of BMC Helix ITSM features significant advances across core ITSM functions, multi-cloud and cognitive capabilities that will continue to deliver industry-leading service management to our customers.





















    • New, At-A-Glance Calendar:  Comprehensive overview of the change and release tickets, business events, and outages.
    • Self Help and Guided Tours: Learn how to use BMC Helix ITSM and navigate all its features with guided assistance. Agents can access self help throughout the BMC Helix ITSM UI and get specific multimedia help and/or guidance to help them use the solution to its fullest.
    • Advanced Smart Reporting: Real-time synchronization of users and automatic sharing of common content across multiple tenants.
    • Enhanced CMDB: New class manager and UX framework enabling better efficiencies along with improved explorer integrations into BMC Helix Discovery.
    • PostgreSQL Support: Supports PostgreSQL 10 database (including Amazon Aurora) to provide a lower TCO for database option for customers.



    • New and Extended DevOps Service Management: Increased seamless integration enhancements into BMC Helix ITSM with leading Agile software tools:
      • Jira: Updated incident status, share attachments with and map custom fields (including Jira Service Desk).
      • Azure DevOps: Share activity notes and map custom fields.
    • Live Chat Workspace: For improved service, agents and users can quickly and collaboratively work to resolve issues as well as create incidents/work orders directly from the chat.
    • New Multi-Cloud Provider Management: Create incidents based on Azure Alerts and integration into Azure.



    • Machine Learning for Change Risk Recommendation and Problem Root Cause Analysis: Change requests can automatically be assigned a risk level recommendation and problem root cause analysis gets automatic recommendations all based on machine learning algorithms.
    • Intelligent Swarming with Microsoft Teams: ChatOps-type collaboration along with natural language, cognitive assistance to help with more efficient and quicker resolutions to incidents and tickets.


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BMC Helix Chatbot


BMC Helix Chatbot 19.08 focuses on both the end-user experience and the organization’s ability to measure and improve the capabilities of the chatbot.
























    • Digital Workplace Advanced ‘My Stuff’ now in BMC Helix Chatbot: From a chat conversation in BMC Helix Chatbot, end users can now access their assets or MyStuff information in BMC Helix Digital Workplace Advanced.
    • Cognitive Routing to Live Agent: Based on the conversation, BMC Helix Chatbot will route chats to the right subject matter expert agents who can quickly and effectively resolve the user queries.
    • Cognitive Summarization: When an end user is transferred from BMC Helix Chatbot to a live agent, a summary of the chatbot and end user conversation is provided to the agent.
    • Chatbot Clarifications: BMC Helix Chatbot automatically asks the end-user clarifying questions and uses this information to provide more accurate responses.


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BMC Helix Digital Workplace


BMC Helix Digital Workplace 19.08 delivers significant new functionalities that customers have requested, including enhancements to MSPs, end user experience, and catalog capabilities.























    • Service Provider Mode to Manage Multiple Customers: Managed Service Providers (MSPs) can now add and manage additional customers as well as credits.
    • More User Control for Viewing Events in BMC Helix Digital Workplace: Users can now filter events in the BMC Helix Digital Workplace by Requests, Approvals, and Appointments. Users can also adjust page size to allow for a more helpful page layout.
      • Expanded Question Designer Options: Question designer enhancements allow for greater levels of detail and added flexibility when capturing information via questionnaires.
      • Ability to Set the Default Language to Set Language Preferences: BMC Helix Digital Workplace now allows for a default language to be set by administrators, while still providing end users the ability to override the default setting and select a language of their choice.


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BMC Helix Business Workflows


BMC Helix Business Workflows 19.08 delivers significant new functionalities including email-based approvals, Adobe e-Signature, bulk case assignment, and more.






















    • Email-Based Approvals: Approval decisions can now be executed via email.
    • Bulk Assignment of Cases: Case agents can change the assignment of cases for multiple cases at once.
    • Templatized Activity Notes: Agents can use predefined templates when adding notes to cases, tasks, persons or knowledge articles.
    • Filters for Activity Stream: Content of the activity stream for Cases, Tasks, Knowledge articles and Work History can be filtered by type of notes.
    • Watchlist: Case agents can watch and get notified about assignment and status changes for cases in which they have access.
    • Enhanced Case History Tracking: Case History now tracks modifications to tasks and logs who viewed a case; reports now include the activity stream and dynamic case fields.
    • Agent Work History: The work history lists all activities of an agent in the person profile.
    • Global Search: Search capability to search across cases, tasks, knowledge articles, documents, people, case templates and task templates.
    • Service Targets Support Business Time Segments: Business time segments that define work hours and unavailability are considered during service target computations.
    • Reopen Closed Cases: Case agents can re-open closed cases; case business analysts can define how many days after a case was closed this is allowed.
    • Configurable Types of Relationships for Cases and Persons: Agents can specify the type of a relationship when adding related cases or persons to a case; case business analysts can configure available types.
    • Configurable Case Source: Agents using Quick Case or Create Case can select a source of the case (e.g. phone or walk-by); Case Business Analysts can configure the options available to agents.
    • Process Actions to Change an Assignment or the Case Status: Automated tasks can change the assignment or status of a cases.
    • Support for E-sign Processes in Adobe Sign: Adobe Sign can be leveraged into collect e-signatures.


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BMC Helix Platform


The BMC Helix Platform 19.08 release continues advances in app development, cognitive and enhancing/extending/customizing capabilities.




    • Content Package template: Customize an application and create a Content Package which serves as a template when applied to a bundle.
    • Actionable notifications: Add an action to a notification alert (i.e. bell icon in the UI, email) and can attach an action to the button.



    • BMC Native (Google) classification: Enables choice of Google as provider for choosing auto-categorization and auto-assignment for your app.
    • Insight Engine enhancements: Leverage cognitive search as an alternative to Full Text Search (FTS) to allow filtered searches by confidence threshold and highly rated sources (like crowd sourced knowledge articles).



    • Extractive summaries of chatbot – end-user conversations: Integrated summaries (or transcripts) can be provided to the agent to accelerate resolution of an issue.


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BMC Helix Cloud Security


BMC Helix Cloud Security is now part of the BMC Helix Suite. Cloud Ops teams can discover cloud resources with BMC Helix Discovery, run CIS, PCI or GDPR compliance policies on the discovered public cloud resources and auto-remediate the compliance violations through change requests using BMC Helix ITSM.


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BMC Helix Cloud Cost


With this release, BMC Helix Cloud Cost is now part of the BMC Helix suite. Cloud Ops teams can now proactively manage and optimize their public cloud spend and costs. They can discover cloud assets using BMC Helix Discovery, get visibility into the cost of these resources, and proactively optimize the cost using out-of-box recommendations and automations.


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To support the BMC Helix 19.08 announcement, we have updated the following content:

Solution Content



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