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What is Architecture Compatibility Modeler?


Architecture Compatibility Modeler (ACM) is an online tool available to anyone, allowing you to quickly find compatibility information about BMC products with other BMC products, as well as underlying technology requirements of those BMC products (operating systems, databases, and other requirements).  You can find ACM at


ACM helps BMC customers and partners build a high-level model of the current environment in an easy-to-understand, visual format and provides a simple way to see the impact of changes to the model. You can save and share product offerings based on your or your customer’s current and target environment needs. ACM is a great new way to model environments that support your future plans with BMC solutions.


For additional information on ACM, please visit the ACM documentation pages.


Latest FeaturesClick to View

Easy search and tab-based navigation

Visual models instead of multiple tables
Quick compatibility checker
Ability to save models and share your models securely

NEW! Ability to export to Excel for offline use



If there are any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below. Thank you.

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support image.jpgBMC DSM Support team has lots of new self-solve resources available 24 hours a day to help our partners and mutual customers not only solve their problems faster, but also to receive proactive product support information.


Please visit this site to view all the different resources available: Self-Solve resources


One of the links is for the new Remedy and Discovery YouTube channel. This has lots of great videos on how to resolve problems, demonstrate new functionality and also recordings from our very successful Connect with Remedy Webinar series. Subscribing to this channel means you’ll be alerted to all new uploads, so you won’t miss a thing!



View and subscribe to the Remedy and Discovery YouTube channel to see more great videos


There is now also a new monthly Support Newsletter called “Hot Off the Press” which provides links to the latest patches and hotfixes, product news, training, and other helpful information.    Here’s a link to the March edition: Hot Off The Press: March 2019


As BMC partners, let us help you stay armed with the most current, up-to-date product support news and proactive information by subscribing to our Remedy and Discovery YouTube channel and follow our Hot off the Press newsletter, so you can proactively receive it on a monthly basis.

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The BMC Helix Cognitive Service Management (CSM) solution enables customers to digitally transform their business by delivering true predictive service management


CSM is the future of service management. It embeds emerging technologies like AI and machine learning into every step of the service delivery lifecycle to increase productivity, accuracy, and speed while reducing costs. CSM replaces outdated, manual processes with intelligence and automation to deliver smart, omni-channel experiences to both agents and end users and automate L0 and L1 service desk functions.


Learn more about becoming a BMC partner


BMC Helix, which is architected through microservices with containers, can be deployed in your customer's public cloud of choice. By using containers as the deployment mechanism, BMC Helix helps IT deliver the speed, agility, and flexibility required to respond to the needs of digital transformation. BMC Helix containers eliminate deployment issues while adding critical multi-cloud management, so your customers gain agility and speed as well as efficiency and cost-savings.


Learn more about becoming a BMC partner and leveraging the power of BMC Helix to transform customers from reactive ITSM to proactive, predictive, and cognitive service management.


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