• Scenario Query - Related to RSSO and Applications connecting to it

    Hi All,   We have a situation where RSSO is placed in Standard DNS Zone with Non-AD Platform. My Other Applications are on Domain Servers on AD Platform.   While integrating RSSO with Entuity 17 getting be...
    Anuparn Padalia
    created by Anuparn Padalia

    I'm trying to load the MiB ---> NG-SECURITY-PROSAFE-MIB. However, several errors appear, mentioned in the archive attached.   Any idea how to fix it..??
    David Quiroz
    created by David Quiroz
  • Entuity:      getAutoDiscoverySettings: '24' is not a valid netmask in function EYE.Util.countNetMaskBits()

    )   Dear Experts ,   I am getting the below error on clicking on Auto discovery option in Entuity ,       getAutoDiscoverySettings: '24' is not a valid netmask in function EYE.Util.count...
    Abhay Bhagat
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  • Incident Integration with TSOM

    Hello,   I have followed best practice and integrated Incidents into TSOM/TSIM. In the past I have integrated events (and before that forkevent). On a new installation I have made the decision to integrate usin...
    Gordon James
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  • add device error

    Hello Expert,   could you tell me, I have some device added in entuity but showing blow mention error. please check it.                   Regad...
    ashish pandey
    created by ashish pandey
  • device report error (entuity 15.5)

    hello,   in entuity 15.5 one device is up from last 1day .   but in report for "Uptime reachbility and rebot" is showing "No data" available.     whats the problem behind this.
    Ak khan
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  • Rediscover Devices

    Hi All,     Our client is thinking about upgrading Entuity 13.5 to 16.5. Our client has one query, many devices gets changed to Huawei from cisco, in 13.5 we have to remove them and add them in monitoring a...
    Sachin U
    created by Sachin U
  • bem integration http and https

    The bem.cfg file configures Entuity to communicate with a TSOM/bem cell by default using 9080. IIWS listens on ports 9080 (http) and 9443 (https).   Does the integration support both of the above protocols. ...
    Gordon James
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  • Entuity: Custom Reports for QoS

    Hi,   Looking for some guidance on creating a report for QoS that looks like this. Appreciate some tips on Stormworks or user defined reports.   Thanks Sudhakar         Location Ban...
    Sudhakar Karuppaiah
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  • Restful API (portManagement) v eyeclientrpc

    Hello,   eyeclientrpc had the ability to manageInterfaces based on device and interface pattern matching. e.g   --deviceRegEx="swi.*" --interfaceRegEx="\\[ Gi.*"   Can such an approach be used in the...
    Gordon James
    created by Gordon James
  • active session

    Hello Expert,   Could you tell me, i am not understand  active session in entuity?  please help me.     Regards Ashish
    ashish pandey
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  • Entuity: filter by OID

    Hello,   i would like to know how could i filter incoming traps by their OID, no matter which device send it.   I wouldn't filter events.   Thx for your help
  • Backup Entuity

    Hi:   How often is recommended to backup in BMC Entuity Network Monitoring
  • Entuity TFTP server Issue with 8.5 Version

    Hi All,   We are unable to install TFTP server in our production box (For Entuity), Tried to install TFTP using software which reside under Entuit Home Directory\Install\TFTP.   Download Software from Si...
    last modified by SRI DURGA
  • Entuity

    HI Team,       We notices on Inventory page of Entuity reachable status of devices is grayed out which should be green,We checked the status of devices its reachable and moreover data collection is happen...
  • Network Uptime or Availability Metrics

    What measure does your company use to track network availability?
    Roger Katz
    created by Roger Katz