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Our development and documentation teams have been hard at work!  In order to guide both our customers and partners, we have now published some helpful information around using the Salesforce REST APIs specifically for Remedyforce.


Details can be found here:


We hope this is a start for those who are venturing into REST APIs!


Virginia Leandro

Remedyforce Product Manager

David Fiel

Remedy 9.1 Beta is now

Posted by David Fiel Moderator Oct 30, 2015

Get the latest updates before GA to make sure your integrations are working properly.

BMC Remedy 9.1 Beta Program


Each accepted speaker receives a complementary full conference pass – a value of $1,395


BMC needs content from customers, partners and employees to build more than 200 breakout sessions for BMC Engage 2015. The call for papers window is now open and accepting submissions. Employees can submit ideas and encourage customers and partners to suggest topics. Each accepted speaker receives a complementary full conference pass – a value of $1,395. Hotel and flights are not covered.

BMC Engage 2015 is the essential IT management conference exploring how technology is transforming business.


Current and prospective BMC customers, partners, and industry influencers from around the world come together at BMC Engage for strategic insights and professional networking.


We invite you to share your depth of knowledge, product expertise, and lessons learned. We are building a diverse agenda focused on technical and business topics that span all BMC product lines. Submit a unique and compelling topic for consideration.


Provide value. Deepen understanding. Enable business transformation while promoting your professional reputation.


Applications are open to all BMC customers, partners, and industry experts. Be a part of BMC Engage 2015!


BMC Software solutions are broad and feature-rich, which can lead to questions while designing and building your integrations.  Today, I'd like to show you what is available here on the BMC Communities.


Use the search box at the top right of the page to look for discussions by partners and customers with similar challenges. Search works best if you limit to the space for the specific BMC product in question, which you can find in the Products hierarchy that is under the far left header.  Right now search is either the whole site or just one community.  Fairly soon, Communities will provide the ability to search a space and all of its subspaces. 


In order to get all the information you need, be sure that you are logged into the Communities and that you have access to the private TAP partner spaces.  If you don't have a BMC Communities login, you can register, using your company email address and setting Role to Partner.  When you do so, we at TAP are notified and will add you to the TAP permission group.  If you have a login already but it isn't setup for TAP access, please send your user id to (current TAP partners only).


With your TAP login, you can also access the TAP Partner Portal, where we have guides to help you install development environments, build integrations, market your solutions, and more.  In addition, you can start partner-only discussions in the portal, for questions that you don't want in the public areas.  But do be aware that other TAP partners can see your questions.


Coming soon: part two of this series, where I will show you another place to find answers...


In versions 8.0 and earlier of the BMC Remedy AR System Developer Studio, the form properties were accessed with the Form->Form Properties menu to open a dialog box.  This has changed in AR System 8.1.  I spent a lot a time wondering what I did wrong (and switching between base and overlay modes).  But I finally found it.  The form properties are now shown in the Definitions tab beside the view tab(s):



You should be in Base Development Mode to modify the form properties.


As part of its strategy to capitalize on consumerization of enterprise IT, BMC Software has acquired Partnerpedia, a former BMC Technical Alliance Partner (TAP).


Founded in 1996, Partnerpedia was privately held and headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, with additional offices in Morgan Hill, California.

Concurrent with the acquisition announcement, BMC is introducing BMC AppZone, a cloud-based enterprise app store that gives enterprise employees easy, efficient and secure access to a wide array of cloud, mobile, custom and desktop applications – all from any device and any location.


AppZone delivers the same high-quality experience to individuals at work that they receive at home from consumer marketplaces such as Apple iTunes, Amazon App Store and Google Play. Like BMC MyIT, BMC AppZone is designed to dramatically reduce IT friction for both workers and IT organizations.


Key Points to Know


  • This is a big problem for employees.  Study after study shows workers are spending too much time at work trying to find, gain approval, download and install applications.  Many companies have different points of access for different kinds of apps -- an approach IT pros and employees find confusing and frustrating.


  • It’s a big IT headache too.  Rapid acceleration of BYOD and overprovisioning of corporate apps pose immense management and risk-related challenges for IT departments.


  • It’s a huge market opportunity.Gartner analyst Ian Finley predicts 60 percent of large organizations will soon deploy their own private app stores.


  • BMC has the best solution, and it’s available now. BMC AppZone delivers an award-winning native and web experience across any device, reducing to mere minutes the app distribution process that previously took hours – all the while ensuring full compliance with corporate security rules.



Supporting Perspectives


  • Kia Behnia, CTO, BMC Software:  “Apps are the most common way for most people to experience the benefits of cloud, and the explosion in the number of business applications -- which are being deployed across many different devices -- is driving a profound ‘consumerization’ trend in enterprise IT.  Corporate IT departments are becoming much more focused on enabling big gains in personal productivity and removing ‘IT friction’ from the employee experience.  BMC continues to lead the market in supporting this strategic shift in IT, as evidenced by our launch of BMC MyIT this past spring, our acquisition of Partnerpedia and our rapid introduction of BMC AppZone.”


  • Chris Hazelton, Research Director - Mobile & Wireless, 451 Research: “IT needs to provide a centralized portal for employees to find the key apps they need to do their jobs regardless of the device they’re using. Delivering this app storefront allows IT to push the right cloud, mobile, or desktop app to the right employee, making both the employee productive and IT happy."

Are you thinking about building or updating an integration with BMC Remedy ITSM, BMC Atrium CMDB, or other BMC Remedy AR System applications?  Then you should take a look at this great overview of all the methods you could use:

Remedy AR System API and Integration Interfaces Overview


It includes the pros and cons of each interface as well as links to download the code and documentation.  The methods covered are:

  1. C API
  2. Java API
  3. Driver CLI
  4. Perl API
  5. .NET and COM API
  6. Ruby API
  7. Jython API
  8. PHP API
  9. Python API
  10. JDBC driver
  11. Filter plugins
  12. ARDBC plugins
  13. AREA plugins
  14. Consuming SOAP Web Services
  15. Publishing SOAP Web Services
  16. Data visualization fields
  17. Email integration
  18. Direct SQL
  19. View forms
  20. AIE/EIE (Atrium/Enterprise Integration Engine)
  21. AI (Atrium Integrator)

The Technology Alliances Directory and the The specified item was not found. are now fully operational.  I won't bore you with the details, but I'm pretty good with JSON web services calls now.  All directory listing have been updated with the new TAP logos and improved formatting.  TAP Partners, please take a moment to look at your listings and let us know if you need any updates at

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