• Cloud based offering is still available

    Need to know either BMC is still offering cloud based monitoring solution like BMC Truesight Intelligence or Truesight Pulse or discontinued?
    Babar Shamsi
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  • Has anyone had success with TrueSight Intelligence integration with TSPS

    Has anyone tried or had success while trying to integrate TrueSight Intelligence with TrueSight Presentation Server?   If anyone is pointing me to the documentation reference, please do so only if you have actua...
    Razeem Mohamed
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  • TSPS 11.0 Integration Build with TS Intelligence

    Hi,   Is the TS Intelligence (api.truesight.bmc.com) working with TSPS 11.0? I am trying to integrate TS Intelligence with my TSPS 11.0 and i am getting the following error message :     Thank you ...
    loic bekkouche
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  • TSPS integration with TS Intelligence

    Has anyone succeeded in integrating the TSPS to api.truesight.bmc.com recently? I am getting an error saying that the component I am trying to add is not reachable.
    Razeem Mohamed
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