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In this video, Darius covers some basics around Service Resolution that have been the topic of several questions recently.


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Part 4 of the Service Resolution Smartflow Overview Series. In this one, Darius Wallace covers the evolution of Service Resolution from Intelligent Ticketing to Service Resolution.

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In this video, Darius Wallace covers how Service Resolution is used to better align the two halves of a service organization.


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In the first overview video you heard the foundations of what is a Smartflow. In this video, hear Darius Wallace cover the personas that relate to the Service Resolution Smartflow and how their needs differ within an organization. Click below to watch the video.


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The latest patch for Service Resolution is now available. This patch is released to enable compatibility between BMC Service Resolution 3.5.00, BMC TrueSight Presentation Server 10.1.00 and BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management 10.0.500.


For more information go here:


Patch 1 for version 3.5.00: - BMC Service Resolution 3.5.00 - BMC Documentation

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We're getting close to having additional Smartflows out there. As part of that, in the next few days we'll be changing the way you'll be navigating to the Service Resolution Smartflow and the URL will be changing. Soon when you navigate from the Products drop down, you'll see a structure that looks something like this:



  • Smartflows - Information on the general concepts behind Smartflows
    • Service Resolution - All things BSR related. (The current communities pages.)
    • Change Lifecycle Automation - A new Smartflow related to automating data center changes. Targeting easing the implementation and configuration of the Datacenter Automation Suite and its integration with Remedy, and enhancing the information shared between the two systems. (In development and subject to change.)
    • Data Loss Prevention - Another new Smartflow being developed to support auto incident creation from Microsoft's O365 products.


We've got some cool things coming and I'm looking forward to sharing more with you soon. Please post here and let me know your thoughts on the use cases we've got coming up.



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I attended a webinar recently regarding Digital and IT Transformation. In that session, the presenter talked about the differences and similarities between the two. I found it interesting that 38% of companies surveyed leveraged workflow or process automation technologies to lead their digital transformations. Another 30% led with application performance management and saw service performance and availability as "most critical" to their success.


When it comes to obstacles facing Digital Transformation, a lack of effectively defined processes and poor communications across IT were cited as the top barriers. I've maintained for a while now that Service Resolution (and Smartflows in general) provide a foundation for IT and Digital Transformation. Without the "glue" to allow for the agility and responsiveness of IT to business needs, Digital Transformation struggles. BSR, in particular, helps both digital and IT transformations by providing workflow and process automation for application performance management. It also provides the communications channel between IT Operations and the Service Desk.


The image below highlights the areas BSR specifically aids Digital Enterprise Management. These include: Digital Service Management, Enterprise Automation, and Enterprise Assurance. Further, BSR provides an integration method for cloud services and 3rd party management services.


For more information on DEM, please visit: Digital Enterprise Management - BMC

You can get more from the webinar here:

BSR 3.0.01 is out there!

Posted by Rick Nelson Sep 21, 2015
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This post is well past due, but the latest version of BSR (3.0.01) is out there and available. Has been for some time now. Here's a brief overview of the enhancements. See this page for more details: Service Pack 1: 3.0.01 - BMC Service Resolution 3.0 - BMC Documentation


  • Service Pack 1: 3.0.01 is compatible with BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management/BMC ProactiveNet 9.5 Service Pack1 and BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management/BMC ProactiveNet 9.6.
  • Starting with the Service Pack 1, if you are integrating BMC TrueSight with BMC Remedy ITSM, note that there is a fundamental change in the way the information is shared between BMC TrueSight and BMC Remedy ITSM. If there are any updates to the incident in ITSM, incident information in BMC TrueSight also gets updated. BMC TrueSight pulls this updated incident information from BMC Remedy ITSM and BMC Remedy OnDemand through a web service at a specified time interval. A new web service called HPD_OutbouboundEventInterface is available for this communication.
  • A new form called HPD:OutboundEventInterface is attached to the HPD_OutbouboundEventInterface web service. The INT:OutboundStaging form is no longer available for use. You must ensure to reconcile all your customizations on the INT:OutboundStaging form to the new HPD:OutboundEventInterface form.
  • Service Pack 1 makes BMC TrueSight IT Data Analytics and BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management integration more effective and efficient. The root cause of issues identified by IT Data Analytics is sent to BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management, which then sends the event information to BMC Remedy IT Service Management (ITSM). This ensures that the events from IT Data Analytics are routed to the right person or group for resolution.
  • A new event slot "incident_assignee_group" is now available out of the box in BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management. This slot is used by the BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management operator to know to which group the incident is assigned to.

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