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We're getting close to having additional Smartflows out there. As part of that, in the next few days we'll be changing the way you'll be navigating to the Service Resolution Smartflow and the URL will be changing. Soon when you navigate from the Products drop down, you'll see a structure that looks something like this:



  • Smartflows - Information on the general concepts behind Smartflows
    • Service Resolution - All things BSR related. (The current communities pages.)
    • Change Lifecycle Automation - A new Smartflow related to automating data center changes. Targeting easing the implementation and configuration of the Datacenter Automation Suite and its integration with Remedy, and enhancing the information shared between the two systems. (In development and subject to change.)
    • Data Loss Prevention - Another new Smartflow being developed to support auto incident creation from Microsoft's O365 products.


We've got some cool things coming and I'm looking forward to sharing more with you soon. Please post here and let me know your thoughts on the use cases we've got coming up.