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I attended a webinar recently regarding Digital and IT Transformation. In that session, the presenter talked about the differences and similarities between the two. I found it interesting that 38% of companies surveyed leveraged workflow or process automation technologies to lead their digital transformations. Another 30% led with application performance management and saw service performance and availability as "most critical" to their success.


When it comes to obstacles facing Digital Transformation, a lack of effectively defined processes and poor communications across IT were cited as the top barriers. I've maintained for a while now that Service Resolution (and Smartflows in general) provide a foundation for IT and Digital Transformation. Without the "glue" to allow for the agility and responsiveness of IT to business needs, Digital Transformation struggles. BSR, in particular, helps both digital and IT transformations by providing workflow and process automation for application performance management. It also provides the communications channel between IT Operations and the Service Desk.


The image below highlights the areas BSR specifically aids Digital Enterprise Management. These include: Digital Service Management, Enterprise Automation, and Enterprise Assurance. Further, BSR provides an integration method for cloud services and 3rd party management services.


For more information on DEM, please visit: Digital Enterprise Management - BMC

You can get more from the webinar here: