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This patch delivers a set of high value features and enhancements for the Intelligent Ticketing integration between BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management and BMC Remedy Incident Management. The new improvements are the outcome of analysis of hundreds of customer enhancement requests and multiple customer interviews.


This solution addresses the following customer challenges:

  • High MTTR due to manual routing.
  • High Incident per Admin Ratios.
  • Inability to automatically factor Business Criticality in the incident assignment and prioritization.
  • High Costs of issue triage.
  • Poor notifications on business or service impact.


BPPM/Remedy customers will be able to benefit from the following new and improved capabilities:

  • Faster MTTR due to Causal and Service CIs Mapped to Best Practice View Fields.
  • Faster Ticket Assignment  and Ticket Routing:
    • Infrastructure
      Event Incidents can now be routed based on CI Location, the group the CI or
      Service is Supported By, Resolution Prod. Categorizations, Product Name and
      Operational Categorizations.
  • New options to control/govern Incident lifecycle
    • Product Categories Derived.
    • Impacted Incident Lifecycle.
    • Status, Urgency, Priority Updates.
  • Simplified setup with Global configuration settings for:
  • Manage Incident Ticket Proliferation for Infrastructure events:
    • Causal CI / Event Incident Consolidation.
    • Event without CI Reference.
    • Pending status for Impacted Incidents.
  • Management queues emphasize incidents with business critical impact.
  • Online Solution Level Documentation that provides a tops down view of the philosophy,
    concepts and best practices behind Intelligent Ticketing.


The Intelligent Solution version 2.0 is available for the following product versions:

  • ITSM
    - 7.06.04 SP4.
  • BPPM
    - 8.6 + iBRSD Extensions, 9.0 + iBRSD Extensions.


Congratulations to the ITSM and BPPM teams for combining forces to deliver this high customer value and for all your hard


  Darius Wallace / Art TalouvarisAshok Kumar Jha, Jeff DesRoches, Swapnil Vaidya

Program Manager Darius Wallace
Product Management Alina Gicqueau        
Execution Owner Rosalie Arellanes     
R&D Management Sunil Sebastian       
ArchitectsDarius Wallace, Art Tavoularis
Solution QA Niyati Shah              
R&D Development LeadsAshok Kumar Jha, Jeff DesRoches, Swapnil Vaidya
IDD Ashwini Mathad, Hemant Baliwala      


For SW download, please visit the Electronic
Product Download
(EPD) site and select BMC Intelligent Ticketing 2.0.00.