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Welcome to the Recovery Management/SQL-BackTrack community.  For those of you that don't know me, my name is Monica Detwiler (formerly Monica Fiveash).  I have been associated with the SQL-BackTrack product line for most of my career at BMC.  I started at BMC as a UNIX systems administrator in 1997 and very quickly became responsible for backup and recovery for all distributed platforms, including the Oracle database environment.  Thankfully BMC had just acquired a great new product from a small company, Datatools. That product was SQL-BackTrack.  SQL-BackTrack made my job of protecting our Oracle databases so much easier.  Over the years I have had many different roles at BMC, but the one place I always return to, is to the SQL-BackTrack team.  As the product manager,  I have watched the product evolve into the best of class, enterprise backup and recovery solution for distributed databases.


This past year we have made a major effort to re-connect with our customers.  We have had many successful webinars, performed mini healthchecks and have opened up the lines of communication between R&D and our customers.


The Recovery Management / SQL Backtrack community is our next step in sharing information and building a community among our customers.  Our goal is to enable customers to share experiences, ask questions and become the most important part of our team.


You can expect to hear from many of our technical team members including our development director, Shailesh Joshi , our wonderful support managers, Vinit Date, Vasudevanand Kher as well as our sales specialist, Michelle Cohen, Amy Hayward and their leader Meg MurphyWe  are thankful for the support of Samantha Amend and her experience in helping us to re-launch this community.  Also, thanks to Matt Laurenceau for his support of this community.


I have just posted a new document,  whats_new_BMC_SQL_BackTrack-OBT8.7.pdf . Check it out to see what is new in our latest release which just came out in June.  We will continue to add content on a regular basis as well as post information to help our customers realize the most value from the SQL-BackTrack products and connect with R&D, sales and each other.


We look forward to building another strong and active BMC Communities.  We sincerely hope that you join us!


Monica Detwiler