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So, someone else owned (BladeLogic) Server Automation in your environment.  They left/quit/got fired/got promoted/moved to New Zealand to raise sheep.  Now you own Server Automation.  Your company sent the other people (let's call them Bob and Kelly) to training.  They got the knowledge transfer, they had the product expertise, they knew a support person by name. 


Either way, now you own it, and your manager wants to know when you'll have that inventory report working, and what you want to do about setting up Disaster Recovery in the shiny new data center. 


Where do you start?


Two easy places to start: first one is the rapidly-wiki-izing documentation, (all of those links that say  Links here include the basic documentation, and a few of the Best Practices that have been developed recently.  Start with Deployment Architecture to understand some of the moving pieces.  Next is the list of "Howto" videos that have been developed over the last few months.  These are basic walkthroughs that show you how to build your own basic self-contained "sandbox" environment of BSA on a Windows VM


BSA 8.2 base documentation:


Deployment Architecture:


Sizing and Scalability:


Disaster Recovery and High Availability:


Large Scale Installations:


Howto Videos:


•        Initial Install – Database Setup: On BMCdocs YouTube at

•        Initial Install – File Server and App Server Installs: On Communities YouTube at

•        Initial Install – Console GUI and Appserver Config: On Communities YouTube at

•        Compliance Content Install: On BMCdocs YouTube at

•        Compliance Quick Audit: On BMCdocs YouTube at

•        Setting up Compliance – Discovery Jobs:

•        BSA 8.2 Patching - Setting Up a Windows Patch Catalog: On Communities YouTube at

•        Windows Patch Analysis: On Communities YouTube at

•       Patching in Short Maintenance Windows with BMC BladeLogic Server Automation: On Communities YouTube at