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Picture1.pngThe Defense Information Services Agency (DISA), is a US DoD Combat Support Agency responsible for providing continuous command and control capabilities and global enterprise infrastructure to joint war fighters, National level leaders, and other mission and coalition partners.  For DISA, information is the greatest source of military power and it is imperative that its customers have the information they need, when they need it and wherever they need it. 


DISA is responsible for ensuring its services are accessible while protecting the network -and the information on it – from their adversaries.  DISA’s Field Security Operations (FSO) has the responsibility for ensuring the strength of those systems and networks by certifying and testing them against threats, using Security Readiness Reviews (SRR’s).  SRR’s employ extensive scripts to audit the configuration and security posture of their system configurations.  Rapid identification of vulnerabilities, proper alert and auditing, and fast, accurate remediation are critical capabilities that cannot be done manually to meet the demands of the environment.  DISA FSO’s needs automation tools that can quickly find potential vulnerabilities and remediate them across a global network.


Access Security Configuration & Control project (ASCC) – DISA’s implementation of BMC’s Bladelogic - has recently been accredited as an FSO SRR Tool, meaning that it provides the trust, auditability, accuracy, and reliability to meet DISA’s stringent requirements.  This puts BMC’s Bladelogic at the front lines of defense for securing the US Military’s most critical network and information systems – and in turn, its war fighters and its nuclear command capabilities.