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If you’re a BMC Database Automation (BDA) user, you’ve already discovered the efficiencies and cost savings that come from automated provisioning and patching of your databases. However, there are probably lots of other database administration tasks you need to perform frequently, such as creating backups or setting up user accounts, that could be made easier and more efficient.

To help you automate these kinds of tasks, BDA includes an incredibly useful feature called Custom Actions. A Custom Action allows you to execute administrative tasks on a target server in the context of BDA’s knowledge of the database environment and includes a rich set of support features.

Custom Actions are script-based, run on Linux, UNIX and Windows, and can contain pretty much any content you like. For example, if your action installs an agent on a server, you can include the agent installer package as part of the action’s content. BDA also provides a useful set of environment variables for your action to use, including things like the Oracle home and SID of the target, patch levels, the install user, and many others.

You can run your actions on one or more nodes, and you can schedule them to be run in the future or on a recurring basis. You can also create a menu option for your action in the BDA user interface so that users run it from the BDA Grid just like provisioning, and, like provisioning, it can have its own pre-verification phase.



Because Custom Actions are subject to BDA’s Role-Based Access Controls (RBAC), you can tightly control who runs your action and where it runs. You can limit your action to specific domains, operating system types, database versions and more.


As an added bonus, you can insert your action into a provisioning workflow as a pre or post-script, guaranteeing that it gets run whenever someone provisions a database.


Try automating a few of your favorite DBA tasks with Custom Actions and you’ll quickly see how it can make your workday more efficient.