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Bare%20Root.jpgAnyone with a garden knows that if you simply crop weeds at the dirt line, you haven’t solved your problem.  You have to get to the root.  And ideally, as you plant, you plan for this, so you can rapidly respond before your garden is overrun. 


The same is true for application performance.  With the complexity of most IT environments, knowing you have a problem at the earliest possible time is just as tough a challenge as finding the cause of a problem.  Users don’t call to tell you they are unhappy and their patience is extremely limited.  So the performance “gardener” needs to plan his “garden” by having tools that provide a way to measure the real end user experience, establish  a clear picture of a normal experience, so that early detection of problems is possible, and finally, a way to quickly isolate a problem, so it can be resolved.


BMC Software is excited to announce significant enhancements to its Application Performance Management Solution (APM) designed to speed root cause analysis especially in the complex, multi-tier systems you are managing.  You can’t look just at one area of your garden; you need tools that look broadly across the entire infrastructure – end to end – and dive deep to the roots. 


What do you need to “garden effectively?” 

  • Real-time predictive analytics for end-users:   Know about potential end-user problems and fix them, before your users ever see them.  
  • Enhanced end-user experience management for mobile users:  Understand the impact and volume of mobile user traffic; mobile is simply a different type of “plant” and may need special handling.
  • Collaborative application mapping:  Applications aren’t straightforward anymore – the dynamic nature means that your map of an application must be dynamic as well.  
  • Centralized management and administration: For larger gardens, centralized management, like a drip irrigation system, means you can simplify your effort while providing even better service to your end users.  Take the risk out of your application “gardening” effort by having all the information in one place and all controls at your fingertips.


Ready to start gardening smarter?  Read the press release here, for details of the announcement.  To delve deeper into the solution, check out the APM website.