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Over the last week, one of our competitors has gathered their customers, partners, and employees to share their latest and greatest technologies. Some great ideas, but one that has been underplayed -- what's truly going to amaze the end users of IT.  The sales rep on-the-go, the finance manager working hard to close quarterly books, people want IT to be seamless -- empowering, stress-free, and even... enjoyable!


When end users aren't happy, nobody's happy. That's why BMC invented MyIT.  For end users -- it's a simple app.  One that allows them to request services, with a simple, formless interface that they understand.  For IT, it not only saves time by empowering users to request services on their own, but it improves end users' satisfaction of IT.


My colleague and friend, Alf Abuhajleh, went out to the Knowledge14 conference to find out whether the underplayed idea of mobile, self-service, formless IT would play well with conference goers.  Here's what he discovered:



We believe that there are two main things that IT needs to do as part of the next wave of IT service management:  Provide an amazing user experience, and streamline service delivery. Later this week, I'll turn my focus from providing an amazing user experience to streamlining service delivery.  In the meantime, I invite you to check out the innovation taking place at BMC, and how how we're enabling the New IT in companies of all types and sizes.