I live in Texas, where the idea of a snow day used to be a novel, even welcome event… that is, before I had kids. Don’t get me wrong, the kids are thrilled about the (failed) potential for snow, and they’re happy for an excuse to stay home in their pajamas. But for me – and judging by the tremendous response on social media, countless others – the effort involved in arranging childcare, avoiding roads, and trying to complete work tasks, all for very little snowy reward, added up to a frustrating (if slightly amusing) annoyance, not once, not twice, but three times within a month.


Winter has been hard to predict this year and even harder to handle, as people in the Northeast and Atlanta can tell you. A forecast gives only so much guidance, and those of us who have to schedule our entire day around whether we’ll be sending our kids out the door know all too well what it’s like to repeatedly check our local news tickers and RSS feeds for any info on school closures, waking up terribly early in hopes of good news.



It must be rough to be a meteorologist (let alone a school administrator, responsible for making the call on whether to delay or even cancel classes). No matter how hard you work, ultimately, you can’t control the weather – but that doesn’t stop people from complaining. I think that same frustration affects people working in IT – they often shoulder a lot of responsibility and accountability (not to mention griping) for things they ultimately don’t have authority or ability to manage or change, while their customers wonder why they can’t just get what they need, when they need it.


Luckily, we’re witnessing a revolution in that dynamic. Today’s IT is empowered, and in turn, today’s end-users are empowered, too. Responding to customers’ need for self-service and consumer-friendly interfaces, and IT’s call for better system insight, automation, and predictability, BMC has debuted three fantastic innovations this month: BMC MyIT 2.0, BMC AppZone 2.0, and BMC Remedyforce 2014. This is the New IT, and it’s making everyone’s workday easier, no matter the weather.


BMC MyIT 2.0 has revolutionized the help desk, allowing users to ask for exactly what they need, when they need it, in an easy, contemporary interface. No forms to fill out here – if an ice storm caused a power surge and fried your laptop, just use the MyIT app from your tablet to request a new one. You’ll see the entire request in a timeline/conversation format, and unlike followers of Punxsutawney Phil seeking an end to winter, you’ll know exactly when your new laptop will arrive. With time, energy, and frustration saved, IT reinforces its role as a support to users and the business, and frees itself up for additional innovations.




BMC AppZone 2.0, an integrated feature of MyIT, gives customers web-based access to a familiar app marketplace. Stuck at home thanks to a weather event? No problem – download the latest enterprise-approved messaging app to your mobile phone and let your co-workers know you’re online whenever they need you. IT gets to curate, manage, and secure the apps it provides, maintaining its responsibilities to the business and users alike.

Last but certainly not least, the latest version of BMC Remedyforce bundles it all together, providing impeccable IT service management and end-user apps and tools from the cloud. Dangerous sleet making roads impassable? No need to use a vacation day here. Customers get what they need without service interruption, and IT continues to support services with insight and ease, from anywhere.


I’d like to think that someday, we’ll be able to rely on weather predictions the way we’re now able to rely on the service desk. But until then, keep the innovations coming! With the New IT and a lot of extra coffee, I kept both my manager and my kids happy last month – all from the comfort of my pajamas home office.



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