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Often times we find IT in the context of the old chicken and egg conundrum.


Which came first…? IT or the business? Did IT come first, or did business users come first? If a tree falls in the forest, does IT hear it first, or does the business hear it first? Who cares?


The two are mutually dependent. As a software provider, we at BMC recognize this. It’s our charter and responsibility for providing tools that support both. Tools that help both succeed, achieve, and innovate. Neither is more important than the other, either. The business relies on IT expertise to perform their jobs at optimal levels, and IT benefits from the resulting creativity and productivity of the business.


The two are co-dependent. It’s a holistic IT approach, not solely focused on IT or the business.


At BMC, our answer to this holistic IT approach is called New IT.


New IT is about arming IT with better-integrated tools and automated processes, and arming the business with consumer-style tools focused on providing a better experience. BMC’s modern trifecta of BMC Remedyforce, BMC MyIT and BMC AppZone supports this holistic IT approach.


Remedyforce provides comprehensive cloud-based IT service management. Automation and integration are major components of the solution because business requests and issues across any line of business need to be seamlessly reviewed and managed. Extensive functionality helps IT manage every service task from inception to delivery, while configuration capabilities provide the agility IT needs to adapt to a constantly changing business environment.


Fully integrated with Remedyforce and AppZone, MyIT is a next-generation self-service app that enables IT to offer personalized service options for business users on any device, anytime, anywhere. IT can reduce communication problems with users (known as IT friction), cut support costs, and boost customer satisfaction. Business users gain the freedom of social collaboration, the productivity of context-aware services, and the ease of formless (no lengthy service request to fill out) IT.


AppZone completes the experience by letting IT curate, manage, and secure the back-end of an app store that offers business users a look and feel they are familiar with based on their everyday consumer app experience. AppZone lets IT publish a pre-approved catalog of mobile, cloud, and desktop apps while simplifying license management and policy enforcement.


Why is this holistic IT approach important?


Simply put: business success. In order for any business to perform well in the market, it is reliant upon technologies that enable peak performance. Performing at optimal levels means leverage against your competitors, as well as efficiency, cost-savings, and happier customers and end-users.




By taking a holistic IT approach, value comes in multiple forms.

  • Easy collaboration, knowledge transfer, and visibility across teams (IT or business)
  • Operational efficiency via automated solutions
  • Integration across the entire IT ecosystem for streamlined services
  • Time saving self-service for the business and call deflection for IT




Amaze your business with a winning IT experience that’s mobilized, modernized, and benefits both IT and the business.


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