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I’m looking forward to hosting a breakfast session with BMC IT Service Management customer experts and industry leaders at this year’s HDI. Albeit a tad early by Las Vegas standards, I’m convinced it’s worth the ‘early’ wakeup to listen to experts speak to this topic. I choose this subject since it is well aligned with the emerging trend of consumerization of IT. Users, both from the business side and the service desk are witnessing a drastic shift in how they request services and support, as well as how they delivery services to the business. Trends like BYOD, MDM, workforce automation and social capabilities are pushing all types of users to manage, interact, communicate and partner differently than how we’ve operated in the past. With the help of IT Service Management and Help Desk solutions end users and service desk users are empowered to support the business in their service delivery endeavors, or interact with the service desk and other business members for a more socially involved support model.


Themes like end user autonomy, productivity, mobility, IT automation, innovation and insight are all now well rooted in our service desk lingo. Whether supporting education institutes, government agencies or public corporations, it’s imperative we understand how the business needs to be supported, via what channels, and how the service desk can leverage automation & knowledge based solutions to do the supporting.


In following these trends I have the pleasure of hosting a candid session on how customers and industry experts utilize service management tools to better their team’s service efforts, and how the desk interacts with the business via various mediums. I’ve always found it insightful to listen to customers speak first hand on their wheeling’s and dealings in everything from how the solution is leveraged, how the business feels about ‘IT’ and how the two worlds collide in the service delivery process. If you are attending this year’s HDI and don’t mind waking up a tad early to listen in on a conversation about empowering your users, feel free to join this insightful, candid session with experts in the field.


Breakfast Panel Session: Empowering Your Users (Thursday 18th at 7:30am) – Lagoon G


Jeff Moloughney

ITSM Solutions Marketing