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Happy Valentine's Day.


Today's Industry Insights article is from Chris Dancy, Directory, Office of the CTO, BMC Software.

The piece reinforces the value of Social Media and why we need to change our thinking. I found it well worth the read...




A colleague of mine, a marketing professional, recently told me of an experience she had that really drove home the power of social media. She was on Twitter and noticed a complaint from a customer about a software product her company offered. She went to LinkedIn to find out more about the customer, including what company he worked for, as this information wasn’t presented on the user’s Twitter profile. She discovered that he was an administrator of the product at his current and previous employer and had seven years of experience with this product. She also saw that he had graduated from the same college that she attended. She was able to gather this wealth of information in a matter of minutes.


She quickly realized that this was not just a complaint voiced for cathartic reasons but rather a legitimate observation by a person with a high level of credibility. She immediately contacted her company’s Tier-2 technical support staff and had them follow up with the customer. She also contacted the customer to let him know that her company was on the case. During the conversation, she mentioned that she had seen, while looking at his LinkedIn profile, that they were both alumni of the same university. It turned out, the customer’s son was a current student at that same university. She received a warm response from the customer thanking her for her swift action. That day, a human connection was made over a technology issue. To this day, she and that customer still exchange messages on Twitter.


For quite some time, I have thought about harnessing the power of social media to provide a whole new communication channel for technical support. It makes possible levels of proactivity and interaction that are not feasible with the more traditional forms of communicating with technical support, such as telephone calls and email.


Support organizations should embrace social media. It enables innovation that will greatly increase the value of the support organization to the business. Many people prefer to use social media to get help. If IT does not tune in to this channel, then IT will miss out on this important and information-rich loop.


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For more information about IT Service Management technology that is integrated with social media (such as Twitter and Facebook),



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