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Ask anyone to list the biggest challenges in their ITSM migration project and chances are ‘the people’ will feature in the top three. It’s one of the biggest factors in successfully effecting change in ITSM, and yet good practical guidance is hard to find.


With that in mind, check out our new Slideshare presentation:


We discuss:

•       The art of building consensus and readiness in teams

•       Insights and guidance from organizational psychology

•       Effective strategies for cultivating cultural change

At the end of the slidehare presentation, you will find a link to a free eBook, which expands on all of these themes and much more. You'll also see invitation to join our live online discussion on January 29th where ITSM luminary and futurist Chris Dancy meets ITIL® author and ITSM expert David Cannon, to explore the latest thinking in organizational change in ITSM.

Informative, thought provoking and not to be missed.




Happy reading!