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In a recent BMC Viewpoint, IT industry luminary Malcolm Fry dispels some of the misconceptions surrounding SaaS and best practices.


“The Software as a Service (SaaS) model of delivering applications increases competition among software suppliers by giving business customers more options. But with new approaches come misconceptions about technologies and best practices.”


He then busts six common myths about SaaS and ITIL:

  1. ITIL is old school. SaaS is modern. They’re incompatible.
  2. ITIL doesn’t matter with SaaS.
  3. SaaS should not affect how you manage ITIL processes.
  4. ITIL gets in the way of SaaS agility.
  5. IT doesn’t need to be involved in relationships with SaaS suppliers.
  6. Establishing penalties for nonperformance is unreasonable.


The conclusion, Fry argues, is that “SaaS offers IT organizations and business users more choices and greater flexibility when selecting applications, but agility without discipline can be a problem. And unless your organization uses SaaS exclusively, you will need to integrate old and new IT solutions. The ITIL processes you already use for managing your IT systems can provide some rules and control for also managing SaaS. Follow ITIL best practices and watch your SaaS implementation soar.”


Read the full article here.


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