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BMC Software acquired Abydos, a long-time BMC TAP partner based in England, earlier this month. With half a dozen employees and some 100 customers, Abydos offers two products for managing workflow in BMC Remedy, including Abydos Analyser and Abydos Designer. BMC will license Abydos Designer as part of the BMC Remedy IT Service Management Suite.


The new product name for Abydos Designer will be BMC Remedy IT Service Management – Process Designer (Process Designer).


Abydos Designer is the fastest and most efficient way to create and manage workflow in BMC Remedy. Using drag-and-drop, the graphical-process-design tool lets non-technical users build and deploy new requests and processes. This means customers can keep their BMC Remedy applications out-of-the-box while customizing specific workflow.


For example, customers can quickly and easily set a rule to automatically create a problem record when a certain number of incidents are opened in a day for a specific service or CI.


To learn more, visit the BMC Process Designer page.


Visit the BMC Remedy OnDemand portal for the latest product information.