• BMC Case HR 4.7 support Localization.

    Hello All,   Can any one has any idea  about BMC CASE HR 4.7 supports localization?   Regards, Ankur
    Ankur Diyawar
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  • HR Case Approval Notifications

    The Approvals section of the notifications table on Status updates and notifications - BMC MyIT 3.3 - BMC Documentation does not mention HR Case approvals. Are these still due to be added in 4.7.01 (SP1) as described...
    Fred Rickaby
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  • Adding a solution, type solution. Missing Questions tool bar

    Is it a requirement that it be save in draft mode before the questions tab tool list will be shown.  Same for Tasks tab.    Is this expected behaviour?
    Vicki OBrien
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  • What chat software are available that could be integrated with HR Case Management ?

    I understand BMC Virtual chat can integrated with ITSM well.  I like to know if it has been integrated with HR Case Management also ?
    Iswar Dixena
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  • Importing 'Foundation' Data into HR Case Management

    The HR Case documentation describes how application supports Importing and exporting solutions Importing content into Smart Reporting Importing People from ITSM   Apart from Solution, there are a number of ot...
    Fred Rickaby
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  • HR Case Management Use Cases

    Are there uses cases out yet for HR Case 4.7?
    Zach Barr
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  • Solutions - issues with the Questions modeler

    I am replicating a real-world use case and adding questions to a solution.  I was able to add and modify the first 10 or so questions without any issue. I had added secondary questions to three of the four multip...
    Fred Rickaby
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  • Date question types and 'Requested Due Date'

    I have some questions that may or may not be related. When creating solutions a number of question types are available.  What is the difference between the two types of date questions? Custom Date Question Reque...
    Fred Rickaby
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  • Adding Challenge Questions

    A company may have a existing data set that contains values suitable for use as Challenge Question responses (e.g. DoB, National ID, phone number)   Is there a way to import Challenge Questions and Responses int...
    Fred Rickaby
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  • Sync ITSM to HR Case People overwrites unmapped fields

    The following list of fields on COL:CORE:People are set to NULL when the ITSM to HR Case people sync runs.  These fields are not mapped from CTM:People.  The result is that an HR Admin can update these field...
    Fred Rickaby
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  • Case Master user removed

    Is there a way to set Case Master permissions in HR case Management when they are removed? regards Jakob
    Jakob Haugeneder
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  • Basic Documentation on HR Case Management

    Hi All,     We have just started working on HR Case Management.     So I need some basic documentation on HR Case Management to start working on this Product.     It would be really he...
    Asif Bhat
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  • Is there something similar to the Remedy ITSM Assignment Engine in HR Case Management?

    Within Remedy you can use the Assignment Engine to drive the assignment of a service request etc. based on certain criteria.  Within HR Case Management we are trying to accomplish a situation in which we would lo...
    Melissa Kray
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  • No Remedy User during preconfigured stack installation

    Anyone mess with the preconfigured stack installation?  There isn't a user created in the User form which makes onboarding impossible. 
    Dave Marshalonis
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  • Introduction to Smart Reporting! (Webinar)

    If you recently heard about new Smart Reporting, there is no better way to learn more about this BMC Remedy Smart Reporting than watching this webinar -  https://communities.bmc.com/community/bmcdn/bmc_it_servic...
    Steve Terry
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  • Additional Abstract Review - It's your conference, tell us what you want to learn!

    Hi, There were additional abstracts submitted due of deadline extension. We really want to hear from our community and wanted to make sure folks who took the time to submit abstracts received the same opportunity for ...
    Michelle Kerby
    created by Michelle Kerby
  • What do you want to learn at Engage?

    This is your conference!   We’ve provided four broad product category buckets that contain many abstracts. Rate the abstracts on a simple 5 point scale.  Go to the product category that you want to inf...
    Michelle Kerby
    created by Michelle Kerby
  • HRCM Linux....?

    Yay... I was so thrilled today... after involving customer support I could finally get my hands on the installation package for HR Case Management... Several weeks that I wanted to try the product... I'm on the starti...
    Yann Baumgartner
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  • Here is where to sign up for a free trial of HR Case Management

    Click this link. BMC Customer Success (consulting, education, and support)
    Heather Leventry
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  • Live Chat & Virtual Chat

    What does everyone think about Chat - live and or virtual, as a capability?
    Steve Terry
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