• Why is the Document Summary field saved as HTML?

    Why is the Document Summary field saved as HTML?
    Sandra Hennigan
    created by Sandra Hennigan
  • Default timeout for HRCM

    Hi all,   Does anyone know where the default timeout parameter for HRCM is located?   We are having frequent timeouts in HRCM and would like to increase it.   Thanks beforehand for any suggestion off...
    Edison Pioneer
    created by Edison Pioneer
  • ARERR 9277 while logging into HRCM - newly created user

    Hi everyone,   I just created a new profile in HR Case Management.   When the user tries to login to HRCM, she gets the following error →   Found more entries than expected during workflow proce...
    Edison Pioneer
    last modified by Edison Pioneer
  • Smart Reporting INSIDE HRCM console

    Hi all,   My colleagues are able to view Smart Reporting from the HRCM console. However, I am not able to.   My peers and I are part of same support groups, have the same permissions and licenses.   ...
    Edison Pioneer
    created by Edison Pioneer
  • HRCM Cannot access Document attached to HRCM External Article in MyIT.

    Hi - I have created an article in HRCase 4.7 and attached a document from the document library. Both the article and the document are set to external accessibility. I can see the article and open the document in MyIT/...
    Deb Elliot
    created by Deb Elliot
  • HRCM - Multiple entries of same employees appear

    Hi everyone   On HRCM, one manager is seeing multiple entries of the same employee on the select menu.   Would anyone please advise as to what might be the cause of this?   Thanks, Ed
    Edison Pioneer
    created by Edison Pioneer
  • Filter and form does not exist on server

    Hi folks,   I am trying to do some Virtual Chat - HRCM integration stuff on my in house test server.   While importing some DEF files I get this error.     Is there any way to remediate this? ...
    Edison Pioneer
    created by Edison Pioneer
  • FTS search issue in CaseHR

    Hello Everyone,   Greetings to all!   This time I have query for FTS in case HR application.   All the searches related to FTS are working fine but CASE-HR is not returning one of Solution article re...
    Pratik kp
    created by Pratik kp
  • Is there any Utility to modify the People LoginID in HRCM as as same as Data Wizard in ITSM?

    I want to change the Login IDs across all modules\Forms of HRCM and looking for some utility.  Please let me know if you have any info.   Regards,   Arkadyuti Mukherjee
    Arka Mukherjee Mukherjee
    last modified by Arka Mukherjee Mukherjee
  • Request Instructions for creating an eForm

    Please provide a set of steps for creating, configuring and implementing new eForm.  The standard documentation only covers the use of existing eForms.  Clearly, the intention is to start with the eForm temp...
    Fred Rickaby
    last modified by Fred Rickaby
  • Key Wording and search improvement for My IT/HRCM

    Will the use of key word and search phrase tagging soon be avialable in HRCM?  As we are connected to the My IT portal, we are severely limiting our customer's abilitiy to find the right information, by only sear...
    Kerri Hughes
    created by Kerri Hughes
  • Why does HRCM allow a journal record to save without saving the case?

    This seems to be a flaw in the application, but a user can open a case and before saving it and actually writing a case row, they can save child records, like journals, eforms, etc.  If a user closes the case wit...
    Michael Meyer
    created by Michael Meyer
  • How to delete a case from HRCM

    When a change has been promoted to Production, it is sometimes necessary to create and save a case in order to validate the changes promoted successfully.  This leaves "junk" cases in our Production environment.&...
    Michael Meyer
    last modified by Michael Meyer
  • What is the future of BMC HRCM?

    Hello,   Does anyone have an insight to the future of the BMC HRCM product?  It appears BMC is promoting a newer product, BMC Workflows (Business Workflows - BMC Software) built on the Innovation Suite that...
    Michael Gould
    last modified by Michael Gould
  • Syntellect CCE 9 integration with Remedy HRCM

    Hi All,   Has anyone integrated Syntellect CCE 9 integration with Remedy HR Case Management module? We want to display a HRCM pop-up window with call-in users details whenever a call is received on VOIP phone in...
    Amey Bagwe
    last modified by Amey Bagwe
  • How to rate a solution or knowledge article in HRCM?

    How a user can rate a solution or knowledge article in HRCM?
    Pradnya Hatankar
    created by Pradnya Hatankar
  • Case Management

    Is Case Management set up for multi-tenancy?   We have different groups in our agency that would like to use the tool but have different processes and roles. Thanks.
    Angela Moore
    created by Angela Moore
  • Hi All, If we have to import Knowledge Articles from Third party application 'x' into HR Case Management. What is the form to import ?

    Also please let me know, which form to enable logging for trouble shooting?   Thanks in advance for your help!
    Bhavana Raavi
    last modified by Bhavana Raavi
  • Implementing an automated chaser process in HR Case

    Hi guys,   I was wondering if anyone has implemented an automated chaser process in HR Case?   For example if the agent is waiting for additional info they need to send 3 chasers at pre-defined interval ( ...
    Iulia Letcanu
    created by Iulia Letcanu
  • Is it possible to update Login_nm of User across the application in 4.7(something like our Datawizard in ITSM)?

    Customer wants to change the Login_nm of a User in the application, they might have associated cases, journal entries etc., So, is there any option to update the login_nm as we do it in ITSM using the Data wizard to ...
    Suresh Kannan
    created by Suresh Kannan