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If you’re an Autosys user, you may have some concerns. This is understandable.

Things you might be thinking about:

  • Autosys has barely been updated in the last ten years.
  • You’re quite possibly still on 4.0 or 4.5, resisting the pressure to upgrade to 11.x because the stories have been so horrific.
  • It has been safer to stick with the devil you know, even if that devil is outdated and outperformed.
  • Support for Autosys 4.0 has been discontinued.
  • Support for 4.5 just got sunsetted.
  • You’ve got to do something.

One option is to stick with CA. But 11.x upgrades have been expensive and disastrous. Word on the street is that very few customers successfully completed the upgrade. The track record is not good. And converting to their other products is just as complex. There simply is no economy of scale for migrating from Autosys to another CA product.

Which leaves conversion.


Traditionally it’s a scary word. But here’s the good news:we’ve changed all of that. You see, 99% of BMC Control-M customers required at least one conversion. It’s in our best interest to figure out how to make the switch simple and safe, so we’ve done so.


Control-M comes with conversion utilities that cut down on time and complexity. And it’s not just our software; it’s our people. Our teams assess and analyze the best way to convert while minimizing risks like outages, converting custom code, and staff anxieties. It’s a key part of the process,and one that we think every organization should undertake – whether you convert to Control-M or not.


There are lots of options for transitioning from Autosys. Control-M Workload Automation is one of the good ones.

Get more details on how easy it is to convert from AutoSysto Control-M. Watch this short video.

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