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Robby Dick

What's the big deal?

Posted by Robby Dick Employee Jul 20, 2012
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Enterprise workload automation....who cares.  We have application developers that can code anything we need.  We already have a handle on what we are processing.  We have plenty of time to get our work done.  I haven't been asked to provide an audit on any of our scheduled jobs.  Service level, what's that?


Have any of you ever heard those things said?  Have you said them yourself?  If you are over 40 you probably have at some point in your career.  However, as each day goes by these "situations" get farther from reality.  If any of those luxuries still exist where you work, get ready because they won't be around for much longer!


BMC Control-M has been a leading workload automation solution for well over a decade.  As a result we have heard lots of reasons why IT organizations (and the businesses they support) need workload automation and what it can do for them.  Here are a few of the most common ones:


Need to improve productivity.

Raise your hand if you currently have the luxury of being able to get more done with more.  How about getting more done with the same.  Okay, what about more done with less - less time and fewer people.  By implementing an enterprise workload automation solution you can let it worry about automating your workloads while you spend your precious time on improving your business.


Need to improve scalability.

Workloads are increasing.  You may be able to handle your current number of jobs with your current scheduler, but how about 6 months from now? 12 months?  24 months?  Workloads are increasing.  Are you prepared?


Unable to complete batch processing in the time available.

24x7x365 - Those are the stats for when people want access to everything - all the time.  You need to be able to process that ever increasing workload in an ever decreasing amount of time.  Do you remember that 8 hour window you used to have to get batch done?  I do.  It was 20 years ago.  Now you have about 8 minutes.  In a few years you will need to get it done in 8 seconds.  Are you ready for that?


Missing service level agreements.

A few years ago if your web store came online a few minutes late, did it really matter?  Maybe.  What if it happens today?  Can it even come down at all?!  If you are late today you are either front page news (which is almost never a good thing), paying a large fine, out of business, or all of the above.  Use workload automation to help manage your jobs and the services that matter so much to the business.


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