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If you are like many millions of folks around the globe, you are making a New Year’s resolution today.  And like most (I am sorry to report), you will more than likely fail in fulfilling your resolution.  As we forge into the New Year, we make promises about eating better, exercising more, and living healthier lifestyles – but only 8% of the well-intended will be successful in reaching
their goal.


The most popular New Year’s resolutions are centered around health – losing weight, exercising more, eating healthier – to name a few.  Nobody understands this better than the folks at ChipRewards (  ChipRewards uses a balanced formula of technology, science, people and process to incent folks to choose healthier behaviors – and ultimately live healthier lifestyles.






Technology is so pervasive in our daily lives today, that we don’t often think about how technology affects our ability to be successful with our short or long term lifestyle goals.  But it is there.   The treadmills we use have technology that is used to emulate a run through the hills or flatlands – at a pace we choose.  We monitor and collect data about our bodies using computerized bracelets like Jawbone and Fit.  And we may even choose to track our caloric intake using a free app on our mobile phone or tablet.  


ChipRewards takes all of this data and a lot more-- known today as big data – to develop incentive programs that help folks modify their behavior.


ChipRewards uses BMC Control-M to manage the workflows that collect and analyze the very large volumes of data required to have the insight needed to modify behavior.   With the use of BMC Control-M Workload Automation, ChipRewards is able to analyze health related data associated with individuals and use both a carrot and stick approach.  Because the data collected comes in unpredictable volumes, ChipRewards uses Control-M to build a Cloud infrastructure stack that lets them service their data processing needs and then decommission the Cloud stack once processing is completed.


By using BMC Control-M to automate the proprietary analytic programs and other proprietary applications, ChipRewards is
successful in designing programs
that help individuals take the necessary
steps for modifying their behavior.



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It is always nice to be associated with products (like Control-M) that helps improve the lives of others.

Whether or not you made a health-related New Year’s resolution – or one at all, the BMC Control-M team wishes you a healthy and successful year.  May 2014 be your best year yet.