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There has been much discussion about aligning IT and the business over the last several years.  Companies have stopped talking about this and are now doing it (thank goodness!).  And they are using self-service apps to make it happen.


Unum, one of the world’s leading benefits providers, has implemented Control-M Self Service to enable application developers and business users to run and monitor their own work.  Why?  Because their users have been asking for these capabilities for a few years now. 


Unum describes their experience with self service in this 3-minute video


When talking with organizations about implementing self-service apps, many of them are concerned about losing control of their operations.  Empowering others isn’t synonymous with losing control – in fact it is just the opposite.  Unum is a great example of this.  They were able to empower their application developers and business users – and at the same time, give their operations team back the control they needed over their work days to accomplish the more complex and strategic work that they are so uniquely suited for.  The perfect win-win situation.


The chart below shows how quickly the Unum business users adopted BMC Control-M Self Service.  And it also shows the equally as fast drop in ad hoc requests to the help desk and operations team.


2-28-2013 4-20-05 PM.png



Self service has proven to be a business enabler for consumer-oriented businesses (B to C) for decades now.  Just think about it – would you want to go back to standing in line to conduct basic banking transactions?  Do you want to stand in a cashier line to make a retail purchase?  Do you want to have to contact your financial broker to make a stock trade?


Implementing self service for scheduled processing offers the same service and benefits as these consumer examples.  Control-M Self Service empowers users to conduct their business processing needs when they need it and from where they want to.


With scheduled work (vs. real time) continuing to be well over half of the business processing done at almost any business, empowering business users to run and monitor their own work has repeatedly proven to be good business.   Just ask Unum.


Come to the webinar on March 20 at 10:00 a.m. CT – Consumerization of IT – Self Service is Leading the Way.  Unum’s operation manager, Tracey Prendergast and infrastructure engineer, Zach Warren will be discussing their self service implementation – their approach, training users, lessons learned and results.   Don’t miss this chance to learn about their experience and ask questions.


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