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I’m really looking forward to what is shaping up to be a lively, irreverent and entertaining discussion with George Spalding of Pink Elephant. We’re going be looking at how the consumers of IT services are playing a major role in shaping strategy and what you should be doing about it. Register to join us for the live webcast on February 5th.


We’ll be waxing lyrical on questions such as: Just what do business users expect these days from IT? How reasonable are their demands? And what can you do about it? How far should you go in embracing consumercentricity?   Webinar02.05.jpg


OK, I made that last word up, but hopefully you get the point: the more IT becomes THE primary service provider in the workplace, the more attention employees will be focusing on the services your provide and the more they’ll want to have their say. Fun times ahoy!


We’ll also be taking the ‘long view’ of this trend and looking at the historical imperative for consumer-driven business transformation: from the supermarket to the information superhighway (what ever happened to that 90s phrase?).


Of course, we’ll also have our crystal ball close at hand as we make a few predictions about what might be coming next: What emerging technologies will our customers want to see readily available in the workplace? What might that mean for technology professionals? And will ever stop raining here in the UK?


So, go on, register for the webinar and join us live on Wednesday, February 5th at 1pm CT (7pm GMT)


I’m looking forward to seeing you (George will be the smartly dressed one and I’ll be the guy in the wetsuit)