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Alf's Zoo - This week, Leslie Minnix-Wolfe hunts around the Zoo, talking about application-performance management. We are so dependent on digital services that a few moments of lag make us lose our patience. When we want stuff on the Internet, we want it now. Not five seconds later. APM also helps with compliance, as Leslie shares in a story about alleged HIPAA violations.

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As I was celebrating Cat Herders Day on Sunday (which coincidentally is eerily similar to any other Sunday), I started thinking about how caring for cats is very analogous to an IT department managing BYOD. Hear me out, because this really isn’t much of a stretch.


Ask any cat owner, and they’ll tell you cats are a special breed. The saying “like herding cats” is so fitting because it’s perfectly impossible to accomplish. Similarly, in previous posts we’ve discussed at length the complexity and concerns regarding managing BYOD and public clouds.



Everyday new devices are introduced, new apps emerge, new cloud solutions arrive and today’s employees are tech savvy enough to find a way to access them. For most IT departments, simply keeping up is a major challenge and, at the worst of times, it can seem like utter chaos – practically impossible. Sound familiar? IT organizations need to be realistic about the level of control they can expect in the modern digital age of self-service. Lock down or complete control versus enablement and support is just not going to fly as an approach to reigning in BYOD or cloud access.


Here’s another similarity. Cats are notoriously fickle creatures and will go to great lengths to get what they want. Most cat owners have come to terms with the fact that cats rule the household, dictating terms to the owner as opposed to the other way around. Modern consumers and business users have a similar mind set. Google Drive is forbidden? Time to move on to Dropbox. When Dropbox is blocked, they find whatever file sharing solution was recently launched, sometimes before IT has even realized that it exists or had an opportunity to analyze it.


Cats are sneaky. They will hide dark corners and do things behind your back, often after hours or when you are away. While in most cases there is no mal intent, studies have shown that employees frequently ‘sneak’ around company policies, disconnecting from company networks or using personal devices to access blocked sites, apps and tools for business. They see value and increased productivity in having access to these apps and feel hindered by what can seem like arbitrary rules the company put in place to simply forbid everything (e.g. IT’s “Dr. No” reputation) rather than find a way to make it work.


From the feline perspective, if you fulfill a need or serve a purpose, you are alright in their book. If cats are incentivized (read: fed & sheltered), they stick around for the long haul. Similarly, enabling and empowering the employee rather than attempting complete control and you just might find happy, cooperative users and a peaceful, productive and happier IT organization.


It is worth the time and investment to embrace consumerization and BYOD in a safe and effective manner. The Digital evolution is not going away, but with an effective strategy in place the cats may learn to co-exist peacefully.


[Editor’s Note: This post is intended as satire. No cats were harmed during writing. And to anyone offended by being compared to cats, let the record show the author is well aware there are many important traits that separate human behavior from that our furry friends (They can be pretty darn smart though).] 

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It seems that app stores are becoming the favorite gift this holiday season.  App stores are of course well known in the consumer world, and now their popularity is rapidly increasing within enterprise environments.


Gartner predicts that one out of four organizations will have an enterprise app store by 2017.  I mean, what company wouldn’t want their own iTunes or “Amazon-like” Marketplace to market and sell their applications and services.


Well now they can with BMC Marketplace.  Today BMC announced how BMC Marketplace accelerates the Enterprise App revolution.


In the past setting up your own app store to market solutions has been time consuming and very costly to design, develop and deploy.  Onboarding new partners and managing published content also consumes a lot of time.


With BMC Marketplace, organizations can now have their own private branded marketplace to market and sell private-label mobile, cloud, custom and desktop applications -- twice as fast as any custom alternative.  How's that for quick time to value?!  Even Santa would be impressed with how fast you got to market.


BMC Marketplace.pngMarketplace will present your company's personalized branded image to customers.  Administration overhead is also low to onboard new developers or partner solutions.


A few additional gifts from Marketplace include:


  • Social capabilities so that customers can see peer ratings and reviews
  • Automated tools that enable partners to easily publish applications, while you retain control over approval and workflow processes
  • Transaction processing and fulfillment including auto provisioning to streamline delivery
  • Even lead distribution and tracking with your partners so you can work jointly on deals


All of this expertise and rapid results are available today with BMC Marketplace.  You can even request a
personalized demonstration
, and/or interact with the community.


How’s all that for a great holiday gift this holiday season and all year long?


Happy and healthy app selling this holiday season.