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In this Blog series, I’ll be looking at some of the interesting and inventive ways customers are working with MyIT.  This week, it’s a financial services organization and one of the very first companies to embrace MyIT as part of their broader initiative to modernize the working Dollars.jpgenvironment.


In addition to delivering mission critical services across the globe, using physical, virtual and cloud technology, the IT function also has to contend with an extensive office infrastructure spread across a number of large sites.


For this company, the decision to invest in MyIT was all about increasing productivity. With a sizeable and complex physical estate, finding and using office technology was creating a lot of additional effort for business users, not to mention the IT teams supporting them.



Low-complexity, high-effort - the bane of support teams everywhere


“Hi, this is Marie, we’re in Building 5 in Conference Room 10, the projector won’t turn on and nobody can connect to the wireless network”. You know the drill: the agent could talk them through it (providing they know Room 10 well enough) but it’s going to be a little faster to send someone down.


Most requests the team receive from office staff are very simple, each issue taking just a few minutes to address. But the problem is one of sisyphus.jpgscale: with a workforce this big and with this much stuff to support, a significant amount of time is spent handling very simple requests.


Like most organizations these days, they’re not overstaffed in IT!  Every minute spent resolving these requests is lost in a very real and direct way from more strategic work.


However, all that is starting to change: MyIT now provides business users with a view of their immediate office surroundings, the location of key technology resources in that environment, together with instructions of how to connect and use the equipment. The result? A substantial reduction in the number of low complexity, high effort calls.



Find it. Book it.


Finding a meeting room and booking it can be complicated enough even in a modestly sized organization.  In a large facility, it can be an extremely time consuming exercise. Again, imagine the amount of wasted effort spent across the entire company on what is a very simple undertaking.


Using MyIT, together with an integration to a building management system, makes it easy to locate and then book meeting rooms from a compass.jpgmobile device. The company is now able to drastically reduce the amount of time and resources spent on managing room allocation. Employees unfamiliar with certain locations are able to navigate buildings and locate rooms much more easily (and without distracting other employees.)


The fact that MyIT offers location based filtering of services also allows IT to target key updates and services to specific locations. Further streamlining the task of getting information and assistance.



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What about your organization? Do you routinely get mind-numbingly simple requests that take an inordinate amount of time to address? How much time would you calculate is wasted on low complexity, high effort calls across your company?


I’d love to hear your tales of the mundane! Drop me a note in the comments below or find me on Twitter as @messagemonger