• Application Packager

    Hi,   Encounter error message when I try to publish channel distribution: A destination exception occurred: java.net.Connectexception: Connection timed out: connect.   Any idea? Many thanks in advance.
    Sharon Liew
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  • Need help to install patches which are subscribed in tuner workspace.

    Hi All, @ Am new to BBCA, Can someone please help me to solve the following issue:   I have released set of Patches to Windows7 OS machines from Patch Manager.   But on few endpoints, the patches were su...
    Kavitha P
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  • Marimba Patch mgmt reboot issues after 8x upgrade

    Is anyone seeing issues similar to this, I have an open ticket on it.   1. Machines prompt for reboot even when the reboot is not required, continue to prompt until patch svc is deleted and reinstalled. 2. Mach...
    Chris Armstrong
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  • Query for duplicate Tuner Id

    Hi All,   Could you please suggest a query through which I can search for duplicate Tuner Id. @Gregory Rodrigues : Please suggest.     Regards, Rahul
    R B
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  • Sideload windows 8 apps and invenotry in BBCA

    Not Planned
    2 votes
    Hi All,   Some of clients are asking for support on sideloading of Windows App Store (.appx) applications. The queries are around ability to side load custom applications that they would make available ot Window...
    Dilip kulkarni
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  • Report Centre - Custom Queries

    Not Planned
    2 votes
                   We all know that reports are the crucial part in making variety of Business Decisions and at some instances we may all have struggle...
    Karthick Kirubaharan
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  • is there an uninstall package for marimba?

    So I am brand new to this world - I am going to deploy BCM to our enterprise - but part of this deployment will involve cleaning up marimba fragments that are on endpoints.        - There is ...
    Michael Wong
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  • uninstall tuner without deleting workspace

    Hi all, I want to uninstall marimba tuner with MSI command line but without deleting workspace. So I'm looking for the correct option/parameter to set on the MSI command line (msiexec.exe /{GUID}/qn /noreboot). Thanks.
    Cédric Charpier
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  • Reports Stuck in Transmitter Queue

    We have around 5000 machines reporting to a Master Transmitter which reports from 12 PM every day. (Scanning scheduled at 12:00 PM).   Once the machines start reporting the reports get stuck in the queue. Only f...
    Lokanadhan Karthik
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  • Export Policy and format into something useable?

    Does anyone have any sort of solution or recommendations of how to export 'all subscription policy' and format it to be useable or readable?  A cascading .txt document is not exactly very worthwhile.  We hav...
    Ken NameToUpdate
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  • ISM Write Error (BCA Dashboard)

    Hi,   I have tried to configure ISM Dashboard and installed the component in CMS. Added a DB connection in Data Source and the connection was successful. But when I open the Dashboard it throws up an write err...
    Lokanadhan Karthik
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  • BBCA Inventory DB: What's in table inventory software_title?

    Hi all, we are doing some application reporting based on our BBCA Inventory Database. We are mainly using two tables/views as input to answer questions like "how many applications xy are installed?", "detect ...
    Roland Bruegger
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  • What is difference b/w "mrbexec" and "mrbapsexec" ?

    Hi All,   I want to For what purpose these two exe files are used and also what is the major difference b/w mrbexec and mrbapsexec present under "program files\BMC Software\BBCA\.........\remotedeploy" folder? &...
    Mittal Modh
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  • Query for Product Name in BBCA 8.2

    Hello,   Please can someone help me on my below query. where i can find the details of Product Name in BBCA.   BBCA 8.2.   More explanation: If  a tuner scan the machine, the machine details wi...
    Chandrakala Mohan
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  • Not able to see Manufacture name of some products with diff versions.

    Hi,   I am facing one issue where i am not able see the manufacture name of some products with specific versions in Report center.   for example, when i am using "system/hardware, Software_titles" query. I...
    Mittal Modh
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  • I have a question. Is the BBCA agent can be installed in win7 system. We have installed this agent in XP system.

    I have a question. Is the BBCA agent can be installed in win7 system ? We have installed this agent in XP system. Current now, all XP pc need to upgrade to win7. Are we must upgrade BBCA version? If we ha...
    steve chen
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  • Unknown publisher for tuner.exe

    Is there a way to to set a publisher for tuner installer (exe or msi)? Don't seem to see any tuner property for this.
    Ivan Barisic
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  • Unable to connect to the InventoryService plugin

    Hi,   When trying to connect to the InventoryService Plugin by using Report Center Configuration, I get the following error:   Unable to connect to the specified plug-in. Showing the configuration values r...
    Nick Rawlins
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  • Update Repository Error -java.lang.OutOfMemoryError:Java heap space

    Hi All,   I am getting Error while updating Repository -java.lang.OutOfMemoryError:Java heap space. I know this is known error.   I am using 4 GB RAM & 64 bit server.   I have tried the foll...
    R B
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  • UrlSwapper?

    Hi,   Does anyone have any information on the new UrlSwapper channel on the Marimba Channel Store?   I would like to know how to use it please.   Thanks!
    Nick Rawlins
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