• Hot to runs Marimba channel on localhost?

    Hi, When I already prepare the channel in Application Package and promote it to *.car file then I would like to test it on my localhost machine without updating it to test or production environments. Is any command o...
    Maciej Blasiak
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  • Silent install

    A quick question we are about to deploy a upgrade of office 2010 to 2016 and as a 3rd party support personnel we are interested in what the user desktop experience will be once the computer is logged into...activation...
    michael Quisitive
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  • API for Patch Manager ?

    Hi everyone,   is there an API (ideally a Web API) available in Patch Manager 9 ? The goal is to automate the patch group creation / modification / publication.   If so, is there a documentation available...
    Sammy Dia
    created by Sammy Dia
  • SBRP configuration issue

    Hi We have configured SBRP for all repeaters. For each repeater we have almost more than 10+ subnets. Under ISM tab we are unable to see the replication status of the repeaters. Also we have observed below error durin...
    Varad Pandit
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  • BMC BladeLogic Client Automation

    BMC BladeLogic Client Automation is a fully integrated and automated solution for configuring and maintaining end user systems, applications and operating systems according to user roles and corporate policies –...
    Karen Farrell
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  • CTA for Ideas Page in Marimba for Clients Community

    Let's collaborate on Ideas to improve our Product Look at ideas that were active recently, vote and comment with your feedback. Should you not find an idea for new/improved functionality you want, go ahead and create...
    Supriya Suryawanshi
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  • Marimba for Clients: top CTAs

    Explore the Marimba Blog Vote and comment on Ideas
    Supriya Suryawanshi
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  • Marimba for Clients Blog page Welcome

    Recent & Active Blog posts Blog posts are resources that Subject Matter Experts periodically share with you. It's a great opportunity to learn timely news, and to engage with anything that is not clear enough. For...
    Supriya Suryawanshi
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  • Is BBCA FIPS 140-2 compliant?

    Does BBCA encrypt its transmissions/communications to be compliant with FIPS 140-2?
    Gene Slaughter
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  • Citrix (XP embedded) configuration automation?

    Does BBSA, BBCA or BBNA provide configuration automation for Citrix (embeddded XP) clients?
    Gene Slaughter
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  • Repeaters should high available

    Hi BSA guys, can we Setup a high available Repeater, PXE, TFTP and so on for Remote DCs? I saw an Idee "Repeaters should be highly available". Is any New to that Idee? implenented? not yet? will be implemented? Tha...
    Karim Brown
    created by Karim Brown
  • BBCA Issue : Agent Deployment.

    Hi Experts,   Hope you are doing great. We got stuck while deploying bbca agent to desktops/laptops. We are getting the below error :   "The network path was not found or network location cannot be reached...
    last modified by PULKIT SACHDEVA
  • File Server status is unknown

    The File Server is unavailable. I can't to update File Server Status
    Natali Nogueira
    created by Natali Nogueira
  • can some one please provide the definition of channels and plugins

    Hi All,   I am new to Automation. From BBCA point of view, can you please let me know what are channels in BBCA and what are plug-ins.   Thanks in Advance.   Cheers, Sai.
    Chitturu Sai
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  • BMC Consultant has created an issue for Lowe's where by after the upgrade from 8.1 to 9.1 the approval server is receiving this error consistently within the arjavaplugin-stderr log. So any suggestion or guidance would be appreciated.

    java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: D:\Program Files\BMC Software\ARSystem\arapsignal91_build001.dll: Can't load AMD 64-bit .dll on a IA 32-bit platform     at java.lang.ClassLoader$NativeLibrary.load(Nati...
  • Is there any remedy for Tuner running in Session 0 in Windows 7 ?

    In Windows 7 when the Channel Manager starts running, it prompts an "interactive services dialog detection box." which causes a session 0 issue.   Do we have any remedy for this, other than running the tun...
    Adil Rathore
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  • Profile custom property for deleting subscribed channels

    Hi,   I have to unsubscribe a channel from all the tuners. We don't have policy manager. So we subscribe all the channels through the tuner profile custom property "marimba.subscribe" with value "http://<Maste...
    Harish Benne
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  • Unable to publish patch group

    Dear All,   We are facing issue with publishing of patch group from the BBCA ver 8.2.01 and Patch Manager Internet access is available for the microsoft online website. Space is available in the ...
    Harish Benne
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  • Issue with Channel Store

    Hi All,   We have the BBCA CMS (8.2.01) and the channel store is 8.5. I have created the account and trying to subscribe a channel from the channel store, but I'm unable to copy or subscribe  to a channel. ...
    Harish Benne
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  • Getting Error message while publishing patch group

    Hi All,   Good Day.   While publishing the patch group, am getting following error message,   "This message was already viewed by a user with the ability to modify the patch group; contact the patch ...
    Kavitha P
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