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What challenges or problems server automation tools solves?


Server automation software performs a variety of server management tasks that would otherwise require the direct or manual attention of IT professionals. Some of the repetitive tasks performed include: inventory, configure, compare, provision, snapshot, audit, deploy, break-fix, patch, regulatory standards scan, remediate, update, roll back, reporting, VM sprawl management if necessary and track performance over time.


Why use server automation tools in Datacenters?


From the owner of the Server Automation tools perspective, Cost Reduction and Cost Avoidance can be two business reasons for adopting server automation tools in Datacenter as these tools help organization to do more with less.


Below are few key reasons for using server automation tools:


  • Growing Volume of  Servers to be managed - With increased levels of virtualization adoption, server management demands are overwhelming enterprise datacenter managers and throwing labor to solve the issue is not feasible.
  • Time Factor - The biggest issue with server management is the time burden. Each aspect of server management demands an IT administrator's time and attention --   and every server multiplies time required. IT talent is so consumed  performing a host of relatively simple tasks "fighting fires"    that they are` not able to focus on strategic  projects. Additionally with increased adoption of agile methodology by many IT organizations, time factor available for managing severs is   constantly shrinking putting additional pressure on IT datacenter managers.
  • High Chance for Human Errors - Even an expert IT administrator can make mistakes is a fact of life. For example, a busy administrator might forget a server's configuration -- easy to do with dozens or hundreds of different systems -- and omit an important patch. Human errors cause poor workload performance or compromise security and compliance on servers.
  • Improving Consistency is the only way to manage- Server automation software automates highly interdependent complex tasks which otherwise would take expert to perform via scripts and if passed on to  junior administrator  can results in many variations and inconsistencies. Use of Server automation tools increases consistency, eliminates variations between administration styles, and minimizes errors and omissions.  Companies can better control provisioning, security and compliance and have better level of governance if they use server automation tools to perform server management tasks.


Ultimately use of Server Automation tools help valuable IT staff become free to focus on evaluating new technologies, improving data center architecture and working on projects that add value to the business and move from reactive fire fighting mode to proactive planning and execution mode.