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As I look at the Server Automation Community, I see a lot of activity and back and forth.  Bill Robinson is answering any and everything you can throw at him.  But have you noticed the content being made available for Server Automation?


Just last night, the BSA Technical Success plan (found here: BSA/BDSSA Technical Success Plan) was posted by Newton Nyante and contains a maintenance schedule to optimize the performance and increase the uptime of your BladeLogic environment.  This will be enhanced with how-to docs and videos moving forward as well.  Please feel free to comment on how this doc could be improved.


We hope to continue to produce and post more of this type of content and would love to hear from all of our community users.

What can we provide to continue to add value to the community?  How has what has already been provided helped you?


Let's work together to maximize the community experience for all of us!