• D2IBMCLP Load Utility

    Could someone explain about D2IBMCLP utility? We are getting "0: UNEXPECTED EOF (PAGE=000000  ) IN DATASET" error. It would be better if we get manual for this utility.   Thanks, Thiyag
  • Mainview Vistapoint

    I see Mainview Vistapoint in my licensed product list, at a very high level it looks like it would be a good product.  I don't see much chatter about the product anywhere.  Does anyone use it, does it have a...
    Dan Duval
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  • Your thoughts on Mainview Explorer Containers

    Looking at recently delivered features in Mainview for Websphere MQ and the use of containers for building useful active display monitors.  So far this appears to be good progress and wonder if anyone else is als...
    Michael Neeley
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  • Listserv

    Are you following a listserv for Mainframe? Which ones?
    Rachel Macik
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  • BMCMainframe on Twitter

    How many of our readers use social media? Do you post updates in Linkedin? Or twitter? or facebook? BMCMainframe is using twitter to launch several messages around the new 2011 Mainframe Survey, launched today. Curiou...
    Rachel Macik
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