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Monica Brink

Recovery Webinar Replay

Posted by Monica Brink Aug 27, 2012
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Thanks to those who attended our Mainframe Recovery Webinar on August 15th: Strategies for Coordinating Recoveries for DB2, IMS, & VSAM. We had a great turnout. If you missed it, you can watch the replay right here:

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Calling all DBA's, IT Managers or anyone who needs to focus on maintaining mainframe availability:  Register for our August 15 Webinar:  Effective Strategies for Coordinating Recoveries for DB2, IMS, & VSAM. Click here to register:

Webinar Details:

Because today’s applications have evolved across DBMS relationships, coordinating recoveries successfully is a complicated process that can be error prone and result in elongated outage and data consistency issues.That is, unless you’re properly prepared.

BMC has tools to support many types of backup and recovery operations and can automate the process to mitigate risk and reduce downtime. In our August 15 webinar, “Strategies for Coordinating Recoveries for DB2, IMS, & VSAM,” we’ll give you the BMC “Building Blocks” for confidently coordinating successful recoveries. Topics will include:

  • The need for coordinated recovery
  • BMC solutions for local and disaster recovery
  • Effective backup strategies and solutions


Date: Wednesday, August 15, 2012 at 11:00 a.m. CDT


Title: Strategies for Coordinating Recoveries for DB2, IMS, & VSAM


Speaker: Rick Weaver, DB2 Software Consultant



Rick Weaver has over 30 years of experience in Systems and Database Administration for IMS and DB2 database systems, and has been involved in developing large, complex, mission critical applications in a variety of business areas. At BMC since 1994, Rick has worked in Software Consulting, Professional Services, Product Marketing, and Product Management. Rick is currently a Mainframe Software Consultant, focusing on DB2 Recovery and Coordinated Recovery.

Monica Brink

SHARE 2012

Posted by Monica Brink Jul 24, 2012
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We are gearing up to attend SHARE in Anaheim, California from Aug 5 -10. If you're going to be there, come and visit our representatives at Booth 402 to discuss MainView, Middleware Management, DB2 and IMS Solutions.  We are also delivering two presentations at SHARE this year:


MainView Analytics - Monday, August 6th, 3.00pm

Martin Beasley, Lead Solutions Manager and Wayne Wilson, Advisory SW Consultant


Coordinated Recovery for DB2, IMS and VSAM - Wednesday, August 8th, 1.30pm

Rick Weaver, Principal Software Consultant



Monica Brink

Got 2 Minutes?

Posted by Monica Brink Jun 21, 2012
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Mainframe Cost Optimization (MCO) – There are many things that go into having an effective MCO strategy and it can get complex but we at BMC want everyone – from DBA’s to CIO's and everyone in between - to understand how MCO can deliver value to your business. We’ve created this 2-minute video to explain MCO – check it out on youtube:


The postings in this blog are my own and don't necessarily represent BMC's opinion or position
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Thanks to our valued client, Florida Hospital, for sharing with us on this video how they have optimized their mainframe operations to achieve and maintain a 24x7 environment.

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The 2012 BMC Annual Mainframe Research Survey launched today! The BMC mainframe survey is the most comprehensive research conducted on the mainframe market and provides key insights into the trends, challenges and evolution of the mainframe industry. Want to participate in the mainframe survey? Contact:
Click here to view last year's Mainframe Survey results.

Monica Brink


Posted by Monica Brink Apr 26, 2012
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BMC Software will be at IDUG, the DB2 user conference in Denver, Colorado from May 14th - 18th. Stop by the BMC Software booth (#206) to talk about strategies for reducing cost and improving performance on your mainframe.


For more conference details and a registration link, go to:


Be sure to catch the following BMC presentations that will be delivered at IDUG:


Topic: Optimize Your SQL and Save a Few MIPS…or More.

Presenter:   Michael Cotignola, DB2 Software Consultant, BMC Software



Abstract: DB2 on z/OS continues to be the work horse DBMS for most business applications in the vast majority of organizations worldwide. SQL workload is growing and getting more complex, yet the resources to manage it effectively are shrinking. DB2 10 promises to deliver “savings out of the box”, but not without effort in some cases.



Learn how application developers and DBAs can use the BMC SQL Performance Solution to maximize those savings while improving application performance. In this session, you will see:


- how to compare workloads before and after migration to ensure optimal performance

- learn how an intelligent index strategy can save MIPS and improve response times

- understand how to reduce peak MIPS with application tuning

- eliminate unnecessary REORGS

- Reduce CPU by eliminating frequent/undetected errors

- Exploit zIIP processors to reduce GP workload



Topic:  Mainframe Cost Optimization Examples for DB2

Presenter:  Bill Moran, Principal Software Consultant, BMC Software


Abstract: Mainframe Systems Management is increasingly becoming more of an art than just a science. Today, open systems and the World Wide Web have increased demand upon the mainframe, and the need to monitor and manage mainframe resources effectively has become increasingly important. You will see the impact of BMC Software’s continued investment in our mainframe DB2 solutions, delivering new, exclusive functionality and the value of BMC’s commitment to the mainframe.


So, how can you reduce costs and get more mainframe value?


  • Use Intelligent Tools – Use the best tools available to support the business and IT operations
  • Manage Performance – Automate monitoring and tune applications to improve processing 
  • Exploit Specialty Processors – Reduce monthly variable workload charges and extend capacity through low-cost methods
  • Manage Capacity – Optimize the balance between business demand and low cost processing



You will hear an overview of BMC's Mainframe Cost Optimization focus, solutions to manage and reduce costs, analytical tools to help measure DB2 focused solutions and the process to execute including real life examples.

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