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Smart (IT Manager) – Hey Wise, what’s up with the response time SLAs. Why did we miss the response time SLA for a critical ticket this week?


Wise (Support staff) – Smart, you know what, all of the Support staff members were busy solving other critical issues. I was the only one without any critical ticket. Since I was relatively free, I thought I should utilize this time to grab some food. When I came back, I realized that a critical ticket assigned to me has missed the response time SLA


Smart- Why do you need to eat at all? Aren’t there any pills available in the market to fill your tummy?


Wise - Boss, if I had received a notification on my cell, I would have surely taken care of it.


Smart – Now you are talking. How do we get notifications on cell?


Wise – There are a lot of alerting software available in the market..option A, option B…..


Smart – You cut me short - How do we get notifications on cell for FREE without having to install any software?


Wise – My name is Wise, But today, I realized it should have been something else   (in his mind – Your name is Smart, but today, I realized it should have been Dumb )



The situation is - "I want mobility, but I don’t want to shell out a million bucks for it"


In one of the seminars, there was a great man who said these words –

"Complex solutions are simple to build BUT Simple solutions are complex to build"

So here is an attempt to create a simple's left to you to gauge if it is complex to build.


In a LIVE environment where each passing second of a downtime means lost dollars. So it is very critical that the Incidents "reach" the support staff as early as possible.....that's not enough...As Early As Possible and On The that sounds like we are talking business !!!


Most of the Mobile Service Providers give free SMS gateways. Take a look at this –


The IT Support staff can receive a SMS for all the alert notifications configured in ITSM. Most of the mobile service providers provide free SMS gateways for forwarding the mails to your cell phone as a SMS. This feature uses a simple concept of sending mails to the mobile service provider’s SMS gateways.


The idea is simple. In the Email field of People form just add this additional email address separated by semicolon  –


<your mobile number>@<your mobile service provider>.


e.g. for Idea Cellular in Maharashtra, the email address would look like this –

<10 digit cell number>



Refer to this link to find the SMS gateways for various mobile service providers –


This one is for those who believe in - "This might not be the coolest solution around, BUT IT ***** SOLVES my purpose and that too free of cost"