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Thomas Reinhard
Good Day,   I am trying to Import a .csv file with Attributes, which contains carriege Returns.   Attribut Example from source with  1 carriage return   Good Day, test test test   Value .csv;  … (Show more)
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Subbiah Sundaram
As part of widening the best practices knowledge within the BMC community, we have launched a project to create mini best practice videos. Each video will be between 3-8 minutes long and will be… (Show more)
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Daniel Gomez
Hi everybody   I have created a job with his transformation into Spoon tool. All of them is into catalog of Remedy jobs.   If I run this job into Spoon tool (local PC), it work fine but when I run… (Show more)
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Igor Svetek
I need to update a few hundred incidents (one-time action) with status changes. The list of incidents is given inside an Excel spreadsheet. I have created a transformation that has two steps (import… (Show more)
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SantoshKumar S
Hi All,   Has anyone used LDAP output step for adding users to AD group. can you please share your inputs on this:   what data needs to be passed for   i .Dn field name in the general  tab under… (Show more)
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Mahamadou Traore
Hey Folks,   In BMC Atrium Console 18.05, when we add a permission to dataset from dataset configuration menu, it doesn't work. You  have to go to BMC.CORE.CONFIG:BMC_Dataset form to add permission… (Show more)
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Cindy Raley
What do I need to change (permissions or installation) to be able to Create an AI Job and have access to the Atrium Icons at the top.
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samer singh
I am able to execute a GET request in cmdb(AST:ComputerSystem) form but unable to update one of the attributes using PUT MEthod. Here is what I am trying   URL -… (Show more)
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Shane Smith
Looking for feedback or confirmation regarding Impact Modeling.  Starting with ADDM and using CAM, Functional components become Concrete Collections in the CMDB.  I have 4 Application Service CI's… (Show more)
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Alessandro Fenzi
Hi, does someone ever tried to call the web service HPD_IncidentInterface_Create_WS by Spoon? I need to load some customize incidents and the only way that I found, without change the execution… (Show more)
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