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Can you run twice as many TM ART monitors on your execution servers?


Customers love TM ART monitors so much that they keep adding more and more of them until TM ART is full. Sometimes it is the execution server that gets full first. Up until now you could put about 120 to 180 simple URL Checkers on an execution server and if you had monitors with a bigger footprint, like SilkTest monitors or Citrix monitors the number of monitors per execution server was far less.

Customers were asking for ways to put more monitors on each execution server. One savvy customer pointed out that it is the Java environment that ran out of gas first so how about using multiple Java environments on each computer, which means running multiple instances of the execution server on one computer.


When I mentioned that to R&D, the QA guy told me that QA already does that. But it was not officially supported. So we had this unsupported feature for a while that only one or two customers and BMC QA used.


Then we got more customers asking for the ability to run more TM ART monitors per execution server computer.


01 PressureCooker.jpg

So we had some pressure to make it official.


So we went through the procedures to get the feature officially supported and now it is. The Technical Bulletin for it is here:


Please make note of these caveats:

-Before using the utility to run multiple execution servers on your machine, make sure you have enough resources (CPU, processor, memory etc.) to execute more than one execution server.  If you add more execution servers and run out of resources, your server is not fit for this configuration.

-When you encounter an issue on the execution server machine, please make sure it is not related to multi-execution server install.  Shut down all the execution servers but one and see if the problem persists.  If it doesn’t persist, your server is not able to work with multiple execution servers.

- Automatic upgrade of remote execution servers (for either full packages or service packs) will not work on remote execution servers with multiple execution servers.
- The BMC TM ART Configuration Tool for changing the TM ART folder directories will not work on a multiple ES environment.

I installed it on a support computer here that runs TM ART 4.1. The install was pretty simple. Mainly I just told it that I wanted the maximum number of additional execution servers which is 5. Of course, you should make sure your execution server computer is big enough for how many execution servers you wish to run.  I recommend you start by adding only one additional execution server.
Here is what the TM ART Service Manager screen looked like for me:

02 TMARTserviceManager.png


And then I went to the TM ACT Locations screen and added the execution servers and here is what I got:
03 ListunderLocation.png


The middle section of the System Health screen looked like this:
04 SystemHealth.png

That is the middle section that you set when you turn on the SystemHealthShowExecServerDetails tag in SccFrontendBootConf.xml. There is a write-up on that in the TM ART Admin Guide

Let's take a gander at it on Task Manager:05 taskMgr.png


Yes, it does require more memory.

If you have thoughts on this I would love to hear them.