• To check if a request is a promoted request

    Hi,   I'm writing an automation script and wanted an option to check if my request is a promoted request or a new request.   Is there any property/other values that I can check to see if it is promoted? I ...
  • package instance status  always be "Constructing" Status

    hi all, I am using RLM 5.0.00 with posgresql on redhat 7. The package instance always be "Constructing" Status in the RLM, is it normal status? I think it should be "Ready" status.Does anybody has experience on that?
    Wanfeng Wang
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  • Get RLM Target Server list

    Hi,   1. How can I get all the target servers that are present in my RLM application? I would like to generate a list of all the servers that are present in my RLM Application.   2. How can I test the RSCD...
    Rajesh Kumar Venkatesan
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  • how to I get a list of archived version_tags?

    I am facing an issue where our RLM instance performs very slow. We think it is attributed to the number of version_tags in the system. We want to delete version_tags in bulk. However I am having problems retrieving ar...
    Boris Ioffe
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  • Create nsh BAA job

    Hi,       Is there any way to create and run NSH script job same way as we create run deploy job?   I have to create a BAA nsh command to exclude all BAA existing Jobs and we have to use som...
    Diogo Scarelli
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  • MapFromBRPMServers

    Hi,        I have BRPM integrated with BSA and want to execute a BSA file deploy job using MapFromBRPMServers property to set target servers, it is not working properly, as we can see in atta...
    Diogo Scarelli
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  • RLM installs issues and upgrade issues from 4.3 to 4.6

    Hi all,   I've encountered an issue while upgrading from 4.3 to 4.6.   So I already have in 4.3 instance running at /app/rlm, with db name rlm_db.   I'm trying to use the silent install options. I on...
    Rui Liu
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  • Is there a link with all the integrations that are available with BMC RLM?

    I'm looking for a comprehensive list of all the integrations that are available with BMC Release Lifecycle Management?
    Udit Jhalani
    created by Udit Jhalani
  • How do I use Action Maps in RLM?

    I am trying to understand the RLM system and trying to solve certain problems using it.  I am getting VERY frustrated at the documentation.   It seems that they have invested a great deal of time in the 30,...
    Ian Phillips
    created by Ian Phillips
  • RPM - ability to acknowledge an email notification

    Scenario: a manual request is created to have an end user to verify that the deployment was completed successfully an email is sent to the end user with two links user logs on to the web app and checks for changes ...
    Jeff Elep
    created by Jeff Elep
  • RLM authentication , BRPM with CAS and RPD(VLQ) without CAS

    Hello guys,   We have installed RLM in our client , but we have a problem with authentication on the tool, because our clients use CAS authentication, BRPM supports this , but RPD doesnt.   Does RLM should...
    Jose Maria Rodriguez
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  • RSCD Agent - Bridge failed to exec child process

    We have installed two virtual machines Red Hat Linux, the first one has BMC Release Process Management and the second computer is a target server, which is installed the RSCD BladeLogic agent. When we try to make a de...
    Marco Rivadeneira
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  • Action Pack for OC4J

    Using VaraLogixQ I have to deploy a web application in OC4J server, and I can not find any action pack that help me for this deployment. I need to know whether any action pack exists for this type of server or shoul...
    Marco Rivadeneira
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