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Happy to announce BRPM 5.0 ServicePack3 Patch1 went GA a few weeks back.


Highlights of the release:

  • BMC Release Lifecycle Management - Requester UI change of name to BMC Release Process Management - Requester UI.
    • The installation process, installation directories, configuration file paths, service name, and the URL to access the Requester UI remains unchanged.
  • TeamCity Integration
  • Logging updates
    • Detailed automation results for a step no longer appear in the server logs. Only a summary, which includes when a step starts and stops and errors, if any, appears in the server logs. To view a detailed automation result for a step, go to the Notes tab of a step and click the automation log results link.
  • Purge requests for a specific period
    • A new rake task has been developed to delete requests older than an user-defined date along with all its related data from various tables.
  • Support for TLS 1.2 secure encryption protocol
  • Performance improvements
    • Faster page loads on Roles, Phases and Servers.
    • Statistics for Phases in metadata has a new Show Stats link. (Environment --> Metadata --> Manage Phases)
    • REST API v1 for installed components is updated.
  • UI improvements which improve performance:
    • Numerical pagination added on all pages within the product.
    • Expandable list added for inactive applications, inactive servers, and inactive teams.
    • Expandable stats for phases.
  • Other UI improvements
    • Updated UI for adding and editing properties
    • Updated UI for adding/updating servers and server level groups for installed components of applications.
    • Updated UI for adding current members to a group
    • Added a search box for searching applications to be assigned to roles
    • Enhanced search capability for searching request templates
    • New Create Request feature

    • Global search box for searching requests

    • One-click access to the Notes tab for a step
  • New REST API call for uploading documents


Questions or feedback? Comment below to let us know.


For more details please refer release notes and documentation here - BMC Release Process Management 5.0 ServicePack3 Patch1