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BDA 8.9.02 now available !

Posted by Suma Bhat Oct 30, 2017
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BDA 8.9.02 is now available !


I am pleased to announce the general availability of BladeLogic Database Automation 8.9.02.

A lot of key capabilities and user requests have been addressed and hope you upgrade your environments as soon as possible and take advantage of the all the R&D effort that has gone into this release. Some key highlights of the release are as follows.


Enhancements for Oracle

  • With 8.9.02. the system will automatically delete the home dir when its last associated Oracle database is removed. You can disable the Oracle Home removal upon removal of the (last) database.
  • You can create a separate disk group for the Grid Infrastructure Management Repository (GIMR) data to segregate it from the Cluster Ready Services (CRS) data. This applies to Oracle only.
  • Starting with this release, you can define custom fields for the database options present on the Database Options page while adding a database on Windows and Linux.
    The value of that database option is derived from the value of corresponding custom field specified on the Custom Fields page.


  • Starting with version 8.9.02, cmdutils enables you to run an action having scope as Oracle Pluggable Database (PDB)


Customer Experience


  • BDA GUI can now be configured for access through non-default port
  • You won’t be able to access the BDA GUI by using logical name as the host name, by default. You can however configure the application to allow this via  property in d2500_config.
    See release notes for details; link provided at the end of this post.
  • You now have the option to see jobs with only verification in job list. Use the Verified option in the Status filter to view such jobs.
  • While importing an action or a template, you can overwrite it forcefully by using the force option if an action or a template with the same name exists in the BMC Database Automation Manager.
  • Starting from this release you can divide the patch application process into pre-stage and apply stages. This will allow you to pre-stage a patch outside the patch window, thus not be constrained by bandwidth and time constraints.


Compliance Content


We now have GDPR compliance rules for Oracle and SQL server. This comprises of existing CIS/DISA content that are relevant to GDPR requirements.

We will be continuing the work for cover other databases and expanding the content to cover other requirements of GDPR in the coming releases.


Platform Support


Platform support in 8.9.02 has been enhanced to cover the following:

  • Oracle and DB2 operations on AIX 7.2(Single Instance)
  • Oracle 12.2 on RHEL 6, RHEL 7, SUSE 12, Oracle Enterprise Linux 6 and 7
  • Oracle 12.2- Single Instance on Solaris 10 and Solaris 11


Other updates

In version 8.9.02, the Perl library has been upgraded to version 5.24.1. As a result, version 8.9.02 of the Manager is not compatible with earlier version of the agent. The Manager version 8.9.02 is compatible with the agent version 8.9.02 only.


See details of everything in the release here:


BDS-DA 8.9.02 is now available as well ! Starting from this release, to access BMC Decision Support – Database Automation reports, you do not need to install the product. You just need to run the Content Deployment utility on the computer where BusinessObjects Business Intelligence (BI) platform is installed.

See details for the release here:

8.9.02: Service Pack 2 - BMC Decision Support - Database Automation 8.9


Thanks !

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