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As per Oracle Quarterly Patch schedule, Oracle Quarterly Patches are available from 14th April. These patches are available on Oracles' website.


BDA engineering team has downloaded these patches and has created the respective patch wrappers which are later consumed by BDA customers for patching purposes. Currently testing of these patch wrappers is in progress. This blog provides information about the availability of these patch wrappers for customers using BDA.


Uncertified patch wrappers are available for download with BDA Support team. Kindly get in touch with them to consume these uncertified patch wrappers.


To know more about uncertified patch wrappers kindly visit this community page: Faster Access To Patch Wrappers


As usual, Certified patch wrappers would be made available within 15 working days (after Oracle delivered them)


Kindly watch this space for more details on delivery date of individual patch wrapper and all kind of updates with respect to April 2020 Patch wrappers.



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