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I’m pleased to announce that BMC Database Automation 2019 Release 3 is now available for download.


While you can find the complete list of enhancements in the release notes, I’ll share some of the highlights with you here:


  • Improved REST API – We’ve extended the API to allow you to automate even more of your process and made it easier for you to put to use.
    • New DB2 and SAP provisioning functions
    • New API calls for approval functions and patch conflicts.
    • A new Swagger UI that makes it easy to learn and test calls for the API


  • Compliance: DISA compliance rules have been updated to the latest standards for Oracle and SQL Server.  This helps you automate the process of auditing your databases and applying the settings needed to keep them secure. 


  • IBM DB2 11.5 (Enterprise Server Edition) support


  • Patch level via the UI: You can now add Microsoft patch level via the BDA user interface.  No need to edit the file manually when updating to address a newly released Microsoft Patch


  • Oracle 19c Media Path: The Oracle 19c media path has been updated so that you no longer need to unzip the media for version 18c and forward


  • Security enhancements – Our security team is constantly scanning the code and testing the product to ensure it’s updated for any new threats.  This version continues that process with several new updates.


  • Bug Decimation – We’ve crushed a number of bugs to make the product even more reliable. You can find the list here.


If you have any questions or feedback, you can post them in the comments here, you can post a new message in the Bladelogic Database Automation community, or you can contact the support team by logging a ticket here.


On behalf of the Database Automation team here at BMC, I sincerely hope you enjoy this new update to the product.