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I am happy to announce that final Batch 3 of Certified BDA Quarterly Patch Wrappers is available with support team. This batch contains all the patch wrappers for platforms AIX, HPUX-IA64, Linux-x86-64, Solaris64 for all the supported Oracle versions. Kindly get in touch with support team to consume these available certified patch wrappers.


Patch Name

DB Version



RU19.0.0.0Linux-x86-64, WindowsAvailable
RU18.0.0.0Linux-x86-64, WindowsAvailable


RU12.2.0.1AIX, HPUX-IA64, Linux-x86-64, Solaris64, WindowsAvailable
OJVM12.2.0.1AIX, HPUX-IA64, Linux-x86-64, Solaris64, WindowsAvailable
RU-OJVM12.2.0.1AIX, HPUX-IA64, Linux-x86-64, Solaris64Available
GIRU12.2.0.1AIX, HPUX-IA64, Linux-x86-64, Solaris64Available
PSU12.1.0.2AIX, HPUX-IA64, Linux-x86-64, Solaris64, WindowsAvailable
OJVM12.1.0.2AIX, HPUX-IA64, Linux-x86-64, Solaris64, WindowsAvailable
PSU-OJVM12.1.0.2AIX, HPUX-IA64, Linux-x86-64, Solaris64Available
GIPSU12.1.0.2AIX, HPUX-IA64, Linux-x86-64, Solaris64Available
CPU11.2.0.4AIX, HP64, HPUX-IA64,  Linux-x86-64,  Solaris64Available
PSU11.2.0.4AIX, HP64, HPUX-IA64,  Linux-x86-64,  Solaris64, WindowsAvailable
OJVM11.2.0.4AIX, HP64, HPUX-IA64,  Linux-x86-64,  Solaris64, WindowsAvailable
PSU-OJVM11.2.0.4AIX, HP64, HPUX-IA64,  Linux-x86-64,  Solaris64Available
GIPSU11.2.0.4AIX, HP64, HPUX-IA64,  Linux-x86-64,  Solaris64Available


Kindly watch this space for availability on remaining patch wrappers.


Also share your feedback on these wrappers.


Happy Patching!!!


NOTE: BDA latest version 2019R2 supports Oracle 19c on Linux (both standalone and grid) and Windows (Standalone) platforms. To apply patch wrapper against Oracle version 19c Grid Setup, you need to apply a HOTFIX to BDA version 2019R2. Kindly get in touch with support team to get this HOTFIX.


To know more about this HOTFIX, kindly visit this page:     Oracle 19c Grid October 2019 Patch Related Hotfix Available for BDA 2019R2


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